How to cancel Vimeo subscription?

Vimeo has been one of the video platforms with the largest subscriptions recently because it allows you to upload original video content and modify it in real-time as the user wishes; that is why if you are a consumer of it and want to terminate the subscription, you can cancel your account when required.

Now, suppose you have a Vimeo subscription and want to cancel it. In that case, that is, not to continue with it, it is important to note that you must define what type of plan you have subscribed to and cancel it before the renewal date because if the cancellation is not made, the platform will automatically renew the plan even if the app has been uninstalled.

Vimeo has two consumption options, PREMIUM (paid) and FREE; with the first option, you can enjoy live broadcasts and unlimited storage capacity, while the free option, despite being complete, has certain limitations.

How to cancel the Vimeo subscription if I have a free account?

If you have a free Vimeo subscription account, you can cancel it through the website.

vimeo login

Log in to the profile,  go to settings, and then click the “Cancel Account” button. You will be asked for confirmation to make sure you want to delete the account; proceed to indicate YES, and the account will be deleted.

How to cancel a Vimeo subscription with a paid account?

The Vimeo PREMIUM subscription has the advantage of unlimited storage without ads, providing the greatest convenience for the user. Still, if you decide to cancel your account, you must do so through your profile on the Vimeo website.

Enter the website and the profile corresponding to the subscription you wish to cancel.

Now, go to the menu area and follow the settings; a bar will be displayed where it says “billing” click on it, and the plans subscribed by the profile will appear.

You must deactivate the “auto-renewal” option for the subscribed plan; disable this option, and the web will not charge the next membership. The page will ask you why you do not want to continue with the subscription, to finish the process.

Cancel your account via Google

To subscribe to the Vimeo account via Google, you must enter the Google Play Store profile. Open the menu on the left and enter the subscriptions option, select Vimeo Subscription and proceed to cancel it, confirm and finish the process.

Cancel your account via iPhone

You must enter iTunes to cancel the Vimeo account subscribed through the iPhone. Open the settings area and enter the profile ID, and the profile subscriptions are listed at the bottom; find the Vimeo account in the list and proceed to unsubscribe.