How to cancel Virgin Active membership?

The services offered by the Virgin Active group have progressively been able to promise various kinds of training and entertainment for its active members. With many subscription packages, they are trying to attract more customers to enjoy their products and services on their website.

However, every time they publish, they mention their “low prices” regarding their amount of services. Compared to other existing market offerings, many users on review platforms have commented that it is not as affordable as other subscriptions. If you want to cancel your subscription to the club for that or any other reason, we will show you the easiest and safest ways to do it.

Before canceling, you need to know that

Certain conditions apply when you would like to cancel the subscription:

  • If you are starting your membership, you must make the full payment of the monthly fee. In addition, you must provide 20 days’ notice to before proceeding with your cancellation of Virgin Active membership
  • If you have paid a certain number of months of the subscription in advance, you can request a full refund for unused months and your cancellation simultaneously. But it must also be announced 20 days in advance

How can I cancel this membership?

The Virgin Active membership club has two suspension or freeze and cancellation transaction methods. They do not have face-to-face service, so you must opt for the contacts established on the website for any claim.

Here we will explain the process of stopping the contract in detail so you can easily do it yourself.

Cancel Virgin Active from their website or mobile app

Like many similar platforms, you can perform any transaction from the official website, such as canceling your Virgin Active membership. Here you can also find a customer support section with frequently asked questions from their users and other specialized support channels.

To start the cancellation process, you must first visit the website.

When you enter, you will see right at the top of the interface two options, one to register to the club and the other to enter as an active member. You must click on the “Log in” option.

virgin active login

This will redirect you to another page where you will enter your registration data. Fill in the blank fields with your registered email or member ID and then your secret password. If your information is correct, it will allow you to log in to your member profile.

virgin active user

Look for the “Manage Membership” category in your options menu; when you click on it, you will see the “Cancel membership” tab.

After you have confirmed your choice, your membership cancellation request will be processed in approximately 20 to 30 days. Don’t forget to check your email to see if you have been notified that your cancellation is being processed. Otherwise, you may see that your membership account has been discounted again next month.

Cancel Virgin Active from your customer service number or call center

The contact number works for different operations: answering questions, support and billing claims, membership freezing, and cancellation of Virgin Active membership. The first thing to do is call the Virgin Active customer service number 0207 717 9000; an executive will answer your call and ask why.

You will have to explain why you want to cancel your membership, and he will ask for your registration and other personal information to verify your identity.

They may try to sell you other plans or promotions to avoid your cancellation, but if you feel confident in your decision, confirm, and your cancellation request will be processed approximately 20 to 30 days after you call.