How to Delta Airlines cancellation?

Taking a flight with airlines like Delta Airlines usually requires a lot of planning. It would help if you had a suitable date and time when you can travel without breaking any other commitments and a date that matches the availability of an airline such as Delta.

Even if the trip is well planned, you are not exempt from suffering an unforeseen event or inconvenience that can entirely change your plans. For those cases, if those planning the trip have the flight with Delta Airlines, they should know how to cancel it.

How do I cancel a Delta Airlines flight?

Canceling a Delta Airlines flight is a simple process done through the Internet. All that is required is access to the site.

Confirmation Code

To begin with, you must enter the flight confirmation number, which is the code that defines that particular flight and passenger, i.e., each flying for each passenger has its unique code.

The confirmation code is sent to the customer’s email address to ensure that only the customer has it. To find it, the customer must go to his email and look in the inbox for an email called “Your Flight Receipt.”

The confirmation code will be displayed in the middle of the screen and below the image with Delta Airlines information when opening this email.

Login to “My Trips

Once the flight confirmation number is handy, you must go to the Delta Airlines home page and click “Login.”

login delta airlines

Once inside the account, you must select “My Trips.”

Under “My Trips,” you must enter the confirmation number previously obtained and your first and last name under which the ticket purchase was recorded.

Flight cancellation

Once you have logged in to “My Trips,” you must select the “Trip Details” option, followed by a “Do you need to cancel?” prompt. To finish, you must choose “Initiate Flight Cancellation” and follow the other corresponding instructions.

Upon completion of all the above steps and those indicated by the page, the page should ask you one last time if you are sure you wish to cancel your flight, along with all the corresponding details. If you accept, it will be canceled.

Will my money be refunded after cancellation?

Whether you can refund the money after the cancellation, there are several conditions in this regard. Necessary to consider being able to answer clearly.

Refund for another flight

Most of the time, they will not allocate the money to a bank account. Although possible, certain conditions must be met before it can refund the money directly to a bank account.

But, you will not lose it either. Generally, you hold the money in a Delta Airlines account in electronic credit, i.e., you can exclusively use the money for another Delta Airlines service.

The life of this credit is one year. Once the credit expires, it is no longer valid. Therefore, less than one year must have passed since its cancellation to use it.

When requesting the other flight, the customer must pay the difference if it is more expensive. The remainder is available in the customer’s Delta Airlines account if it is cheaper. Before departure

The flight must be canceled before departure to apply the above step. If the flight is canceled after the aircraft has departed, it is considered a missed flight, and no refund will be considered for cancellation.

Basic Economy Flights

Basic Economy flights are non-refundable and non-modifiable. Therefore, it is not a good idea to choose Basic Economy for those who are certain they will not make the flight on time.

In other words, whoever chooses this type of flight is at risk of not receiving any of the refunds above.