How to Fitness Evolution cancel membership?

Training for health, hobby, or routine is compromising, so there are memberships to enjoy various benefits without overinvesting. However, the exhaustion is still there, hence the option to cancel the Fitness Evolution membership.

Learn about these alternatives to cancel your Fitness Evolution membership

There is no fixed reason for a user not to cancel their membership. If you have made the right decision, you need a little time and a means to get through the process. Here are some of the methods to accomplish the cancellation.

Cancel your subscription directly from the official website

Go to the website and look for the support contact. In concrete terms, the process will depend on your location; you will be able to quote an agent to go and make the request. Unfortunately, you cannot complete the process online.

Therefore, once you have asked all the necessary questions, you will have to go directly to a facility that subscribes to the company. Similarly, there are other procedures, which you will see below.

Requesting cancellation of Fitness Evolution membership via email

The simplest of all options, but you must be patient, as the response will not be immediate. If you are paying, you can cancel your membership anytime, but you must request at least one month in advance.

Once you get the address of your gym or one of the Fitness Evolution centers, you will have to write a minute to make the request, providing your reason and the necessary data. The response from the agents takes 48 to 72 hours.

It should be noted that a request not notified in writing will not be accepted or validated to continue with the cancellation. You can verify that you no longer have the service through a confirmation email by this means or electronically.

Carry out the cancellation thanks to an agent via phone call

The fastest alternative you have. You must call the Fitness Evolution support center or the frequently subscribed gym. They will ask you for a statement of reason and your membership, and personal information.

Technically, the process will be handled by the executives behind the phone. You will have to ask to corroborate if the cancellation of the Fitness Evolution membership was successful and if they will send a verification email of the process.

Is there a cancellation fee to be paid at the time of application or in advance?

Not at all; you can cancel your membership how and when you want without having to cancel anything. However, if you do not comply with the notice clause, you will have to pay the penalty with the charges that would correspond to the process.

When I cancel the subscription, is the gym membership deleted?

Not at all; you will stop enjoying the additional service provided by the company for cancellations or events. You can continue attending as you normally do without any problems unless there is another reason.