Consulting Roles in Professional Services

In Professional Services the main consulting opportunity is in Management Consultancy. Management Consultancy is a role that helps organisations to solve the issues they are facing, maximise their growth opportunities and improving the performance of the business as a whole. They provide impartial advice and a balanced look at things that often help businesses to see problems that are tricky to spot from an inside perspective.

Fields of Operation

Management consultants operate across the professional services industry, in a variety of fields including:

  • business strategy
  • marketing
  • financial control
  • HR
  • online business
  • management of supply chains

Primary Concerns

Management consultants have primary interests in the structure of an organisation, the strategy that it is employing and the management who are running it – as such they help to define the strategic direction of a business, making recommendations as they see fit – in terms of resources, skills and personnel.

Day-to-day activities

Obviously in such a client-facing role, the day-to-day activities of any management consultant will vary greatly depending on who you’re working with and what project you’re doing. Research and analysis are common at the beginning of projects, as you’d expect, followed by the identifying of issues, presenting them to the management team along with a variety of proposed solutions. The management consultant would often then help with the implementation of the chosen solutions, leading reform programmes and reporting back on progress, before closing a particular project with further analysis and showing results to prove its success.

Evidently management consultancy is a fast-moving field in a competitive industry, with lots of different skills being utilised in a relatively short space of time. However, it’s extremely exciting and client facing, and successful management consultants are extremely sought after. If you like the sound of the variety and utilitarianism of the role, and are good with lots of different types of people, management consultancy could be the perfect position for you.