How much do Cam Girls make?

Among so many alternatives to a college career, there is the industry of cam girls, also known as webcam models. Their job consists of modeling for a video broadcast in real-time on a website. Cam girls can be professional or non-professional models.

These girls are commonly known as actresses, but the truth is that it is not necessary to be an actress or a model to be part of this industry. They are simply girls who transmit live videos. Cam girls can be sexual or not. If you are interested in this world, we explain a little about what it is all about.

What is the salary of a cam girl?

This job is not a job with a schedule, nor does it have a boss as such. Each cam girl owns her time, availability, and how she uses the platform while she is transmitting. Therefore, the salary of each cam girl will depend on several factors that influence her value on the network.

One of the factors is the amount of experience, as a new cam girl will not earn the same as one who has been doing video streaming for a long time already. Another factor is the number of hours you spend per day- the more hours you work, the more money you will generate per day.

The other important aspect is the platform, there are different types of sites where you can sign up to do webcam broadcasts. However, some are friendlier than others, and the payments on the platforms can also vary.

A cam girl earns approximately $1,043 per week if she works 18 hours per week. Among the highest-earning, camming models can make around $6,000 a week. A beginner cam girl can earn $100 a week.

How much does a beginner cam girl earn per hour?

Beginner models usually have less than 1 year of webcam broadcasting experience. Even if they don’t get paid that much, depending on how many hours they work, they can generate a good weekly salary.

Streamray is one of the platforms that accept new cam girls without many conditions, however, it is one of the sites that has a lower rate for both consumers and live cam girls. Streamray pays $4.55 an hour for a new cam girl with less than 1 year of experience.

If a girl works all 8 hours a day, she can earn $36.4 a day. This means that weekly she can generate $182 on Streamray.

Now, if the webcam model employs Stripchat, which is considered one of the best webcam platforms, she can earn much more. 1 hour of live streaming from a girl who has less than 1 year of camming experience, equals about $57.33.

This means, if the girl broadcasts 8 hours a day, she would earn $458.64 at the end of the day. This means that working the 5 days of the work week, a novice cam girl can generate $2,293.2 per week on Stripchat.

How much does a senior cam girl earn per hour?

A senior cam girl is a model who has more than 5 years in the live webcam broadcasting industry. This represents a much more valuable position than a girl who is just starting out in the webcam business, even if she is older.

Normally, these webcam models already have an established audience, a well-structured community, and loyal customers, for the platforms, this is significant, since it means that these people will pay for the membership of the site because the model they enjoy watching is on it.

That is why the rate of these models can be up to three times that of a new cam girl. On Streamray a webcam model earns $13 an hour. This means that, if she works a full working day, she can earn $104 per day. On a weekly basis, she can generate $520 on this site.

Now, a webcam model with more than 5 years of experience is usually not found on platforms like Streamray. Instead, Stripchat is a much more suitable site because of the value she has earned from her webcam work.

One hour of live streaming on the Stripchat site equates to $163.80 an hour for a senior cam girl. This means that a webcam model generates $1,310.4 per day, provided she works 8 working hours, $1,310.4 per day. If we calculate this with 5 days a week, it would be $6,552 per week.

Which Cam Sites Do Models Like the Most?

There are several platforms available to start on the webcam, but you should always aspire to work on websites that generate more confidence, comfort, and of course higher income. That’s why we leave you the favorite sites of webcam models.


Stripchat is one of the best live-streaming sites, it is considered an international network. It has several free and paid webcam streams. Additionally, it offers a resource center on sexuality from therapists, where you can get videos explaining common questions about sex and relationships.


Another option is Chaturbate, which has categories available and a live chat for webcam broadcasts.

X models

This Platform is the largest in Europe and is currently taking presence in America as well. Models specialize in adult webcam modeling, having an extensive catalog and a lot of credibility with their clients. They take care of their talents.


There are more than 10 million members subscribed to this social network, which offers many free broadcasts, and also pays for private shows. It has about 4.1 million visits monthly.

My Free Cams

My Free Cams not only offers webcam model broadcasts, but it also has a private chat section for erotic chats. You can register for the social network, but if you don’t want to, you can still enjoy the live streams of the cam girls of your choice.