How much do How much do Baristas make in United States?

The number of coffee shops or stores that have coffee service in the United States is huge, with coffee being one of the most consumed beverages by American citizens. Those who are responsible for preparing coffee and serving it according to the consumer’s taste are called baristas.

The job of a barista is not simply to serve coffee, there are several barista certificates to learn about the use of coffee and its different styles, according to its classification, its origin, and other factors that influence the taste of the coffee. How is this job remunerated? We will explain what you want to know.

What is the salary of a barista in the United States?

The United States is one of the countries where coffee is most consumed, so it is not surprising that there are so many coffee shops in its states. The average salary of a barista in the United States is $14.47 per hour. There are different coffee shops all with their own special qualities.

A coffee shop that sells more than just basic coffee will need a certified barista and, therefore, will pay a higher hourly wage. However, in the United States, effectiveness and speed reign supreme, which means that most coffee shops are fast coffee shops.

A barista earning $14.47 per hour has a monthly salary of $2,397. This salary does not include what a barista earns in tips.

How many hours does a barista work?

Baristas work on an hourly basis, either part-time or full-time. If working full time, a barista can work 6 to 7 hours a day, so why not the standard 8 hours full time? Coffee shops usually close early.

How much does a barista make daily?

Considering that the barista is full-time, they make approximately $149 per day according to the national average barista salary. Here we put in a minimum extra of what could be the tips received in the coffee shop.

How much does a barista make annually?

A barista working full-time in a U.S. coffee shop makes approximately $33,858 per year.

What are the tips for a barista?

An important source of income is the tips provided by the customers served. The average tip per customer is $1 to $2. Although it is also possible that some customers may leave a tip of change left over when paying the bill.

Clearly, there are some customers who leave no tip at all, but 50% leave the average tip and 90% leave a tip somewhat higher than the average. Let’s do a little hypothetical exercise to see how much you can earn per day in tips alone.

You work in a large coffee shop where there are 3 baristas, per hour between the 3 of them they serve an average of 75 people. Maybe not all the people leave a tip, but some will leave more than $1, so let’s assume that per hour there are $75 in tips among all the customers.

Since there are 3 baristas, the tip would be divided by 3, which means that you would earn a $25 tip in 1 hour. If you work full time, i.e. 7 hours, with about the same flow of customers, you would be earning about $175 extra thanks to tips.

Add to this number what you earn daily and you can calculate how much you can earn on a monthly basis with your salary and tips.

States where baristas are paid the most

There are several states that specialize in more gourmet or artisanal coffee shops, therefore, baristas must be specialized and are paid more. If you studied to be a barista, here are the 3 states that pay baristas the best in the United States.

  • Maine: The state that pays the best baristas in Maine, with an average salary of $30,990 per year
  • Nevada: The second-highest paying state for baristas is Nevada. Nevada has a median salary for baristas of $29,476 annually
  • Arizona: Closing out the top is Arizona, which projects an average barista salary of $29,064 per year

Top companies for Baristas in the United States

There are hundreds of coffee shops in the United States, this is because the percentage of coffee consumers in the country is high. 66% of the American population drinks at least 1 cup of coffee daily, and 63% of Americans start their morning with a cup of coffee.

Coffee is considered the second most consumed beverage in the United States, just after water. As water is consumed through water filters in homes, which means that it is not purchased daily, coffee is the most sold beverage throughout the country.

Because of this, the demand for coffee shops in the United States is very extensive. Here are the best companies to work for as a barista.

Blue Bottle Coffee Company

Blue Bottle Coffee Company is located in New York, a perfect city to drink coffee because of its low temperature. The most requested coffee in New York is the cappuccino. A part-time barista at Blue Bottle Coffee Company earns $17 an hour. While a full-time barista earns $18.20 an hour. That’s $127.4 a day.

Happy Lemon

At Happy Lemon located in Newport Beach, California, a part-time barista makes $15 per hour. A full-time barista is typically a barista and cashier at the same time, earning about $18 per hour.

At the Texas location, a barista can start at $13.50 an hour and end up making $20 an hour.

Bigfoot java

This Washignton-based coffee shop is known not only for its pay but mainly for the good tips and work environment. A barista working at BigFoot Java has a base salary of $18.05 an hour.