How much do Loggers make?

The salary to be earned in the profession is affected by many factors such as the difficulty of doing the job, the knowledge that the person must have to be able to carry it out, the experience, and of course, the risk to which they are subjected in the job.

In most jobs, the higher the risk the person is subjected to, the higher the salary. Logging is a job with many risks, so you might be interested to know how much money a person earns in this area.

What does it take to work as a logger?

Loggers do not need a college degree, but they do need to have completed at least high school or have obtained an equivalent diploma.

After that, they must be trained to perform through programs offered by different companies. These programs may vary according to the area of work they wish to perform.

This would be the case in machinery handling, for which they would require a course focused on it. Generally, these are taught by the same equipment vendors, who are experts in its use.

However, the more programs you take, the better your job opportunities will be. Nowadays, some companies offer a certification that accredits them as experts in the area.

What does a logger’s job consist of?

As the name suggests, loggers work with the wood that comes from trees. The best places to work are the forests, where there are more trees.

Their work is based on harvesting trees, which is a very tough job that also involves a high risk of accidents due to exposure to falling branches, falls from certain heights, and encounters with dangerous animals.

As it is a difficult job to be done manually, most of them are usually helped with certain machinery to facilitate the work and reduce the risk. They also require a high level of physical fitness, as they need to pick up the harvested crop, climb and transport it from one place to another.

How much does a logger earn approximately?

The salary varies according to where you are located, the company you work with, or if you are working independently.

However, based on logger salaries in the United States, an average figure of approximately $39800 per year has been obtained. Thus, a person working in this area will be earning $19 per hour.

On the other hand, this amount can increase substantially according to the experience the person has, the different programs they have, the place where the work will be developed, and their specialty. We could say that if the person is a lumberjack, their salary could increase to $59900 per year.

On the other hand, these projects also require the work of different professionals such as core and well loggers, geologists specialized in side logs, and logging engineers.

Each of them works at salaries starting at $60,000,000 per year, with an hourly wage of $29.

What are the best locations to work as a logger?

The best locations are those that provide better pay, better protective equipment, and better work environments.

Among the best cities that offer a higher-than-average salary, we find Atkinson and San Francisco, which offer an annual salary of more than $50,000 per year, an amount that exceeds the average salary by more than 26%.

Following these, we find Bolinas with more than $49,000 per year. After that, Frankston, Jackson, San Jose, and Diamond Ridge with salaries of more than $46,000 per year. Thus, the difference in salaries with the average is very noticeable.