How much do NBA Scouts make?

As a young person nearing the end of high school, you are faced with questions about what you will do as an adult. Some want to have a professional degree, while others are just looking for a job or other options.

One job that may catch the attention of young people is that of NBA scouting. Usually, one of the factors that most influence the decision is the annual salary that different professions earn, so today we will discuss how much they earn.

What does the job of an NBA scout consist of?

nba scout work

NBA scouts have to be adventurous people who enjoy traveling a lot since they will have to visit different countries to continue to study the players who are standing out in the field. Generally, each scout is assigned to follow 5 NBA teams.

At those times, they must evaluate their performance, considering different aspects, which will be vital to decide if they are potential candidates for the team they are representing and then make a report.

Most scouts usually see their talents in approximately 5 games, in addition to analyzing their rivals. After that, once they decide, they should meet with the person and offer them a contract that is good enough for them to accept.

What requirements must I meet to become an NBA Scout?

To apply to become an NBA scout, no professional degree is required. However, the person must have verifiable basketball experience. They must be able to recognize a good player with great potential, and how they could fit into their team.

Generally, it is not necessary for them to be a retired basketball player, but this could help them a lot in terms of his knowledge and in knowing the players.

On the other hand, despite not needing college degrees, NBA scouts, when choosing their next talent, will need to offer them a figure for which they should be knowledgeable in negotiating. One way to help them in this area is if they have knowledge in sports management, either through degrees, programs, or courses.

How much can I earn as an NBA Scout?

Scouts’ salaries vary depending on the team they represent. Large companies can pay their scouts more than $67,000 per year, while others pay almost $18,000 per year, so the difference is very noticeable.

On average, NBA scouts earn more than $42,000 a year, which equates to more than $20 an hour approximately. Of the various scouts, it is said that 10% of them usually earn $28000 and another 10% earn almost the top amount at $65000 a year.

However, the scouts just like everyone else in the country pay taxes of 12%, so in the end, their earnings will be less.

What are the highest-paying states for NBA scouts?

As in most professions, some states offer better opportunities and salaries than others. The same is true for scouts.

In the United States, the state of Massachusetts is the best-paid for NBA scouts with more than $67,000 per year, or $32.34 per hour, which is quite attractive for those who are thinking of entering this world.

The District of Columbia with Connecticut offers salaries of $57,000 and Alaska with Oregon at $55,000.

Followed by Pennsylvania, New York, and Rhodes Island, with salaries exceeding $52000 per year, at more than $25 per hour. Compared to Massachusetts, the salary decreases by 22%, which we could say is a quite remarkable difference.

Washington, New Jersey, Nevada, South Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, California, and the rest of the states follow, with salaries below $5,000.

Of the different locations, the lowest-paid NBA scouting state is Wyoming, with a salary of $27,000 per year, which is equivalent to $2250 per month and $13 per hour approximately.