What does the message “Barcode label unreadable and replaced” mean?

Although online shopping provides us with multiple benefits in buying items that we cannot find in our city without going to the place, it is also true that there can be problems where we get the message: “Barcode label unreadable and replaced.”

One of the problems we can get in our package shipment is that the barcode cannot be read because it is illegible. In these cases, it is important to look for information about what to do and what it means.

What does “barcode label unreadable and replaced” mean?

As the name suggests, the barcode on your package became unreadable, so it had to be replaced. The old label was removed and replaced with a new one.

This is done in cases where the shipping companies cannot track your package because it is impossible to scan the barcode. Usually, this is because the barcode is smudged, broken, blurred, or has ink smudges.

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The company must replace it because, otherwise, they will not be able to move from the pre-shipment process to the acceptance process, so your order could remain static. In addition, you may receive your package late.

Is it serious if they exchange my barcode because it is unreadable?

Not really; you don’t have to worry about the barcode being changed. This will not affect your order in any way and will not prevent it from being shipped. The only problem it might present is the fact that it arrives late.

But, once the shipping company personnel relabel it, you should receive your package as soon as possible. Your package will not get lost because the companies keep them safe.

How long can my shipment be delayed due to the “barcode label unreadable and replaced”?

The process of exchanging the barcode is done manually, which will delay the delivery time.

However, there is no estimated delay time because this will depend on the carrier you have chosen and the speed and workload of the individual facility.

On the other hand, it can be replaced quickly, and the package could be returned the same day. But, generally, the package is delayed by 1 to 2 days, so your package should arrive after these days after the stipulated delivery date.

How can I prevent my package from having a “barcode label unreadable and replaced” in the future?

This is out of the customer’s hands, so it is not much you can do. However, among the common causes of these situations are that the ink on the label was misprinted and smudged.

It may also happen that it got wet because of rain or an error by one of the staff. In these cases, the label will also need to be replaced.

Another way the label can be damaged is by someone unintentionally ripping off the label. This usually happens because the tape was not positioned correctly or because of the conveyor belt on which the packages are organized.

These conveyor belts can also make the label dirty and, therefore, difficult to read. The tags can also get wrinkled and torn a little. Finally, some labels are only visible on one side and maybe wrapped on the side where the code is on the package.