Customs Clearance Processing Complete • What does it mean for International Shipping?

If you find yourself waiting for a package coming from an international destination, there are many steps in the tracking process. One of the alerts we are most interested in is Customs Clearance Processing Complete.

This update will indicate that the package you are about to receive is already in the destination country. However, it is likely that you will not know when you will receive it after receiving this update on your package tracking.

What does Customs Clearance Processing Complete mean?

This is a stage during the journey of your package to its destination. It means that the customs clearance process is in progress. After the process is completed an update should appear indicating customs cleared.

When this happens, it will indicate that the package has been released by the customs authority with a stamp of approval. When the entire process is complete, the package will continue on its way until final delivery is made.

What does this process indicate for imported goods?

This means that the government has given you the green light for your package to enter the country. Furthermore, from this moment on it will be able to move freely to the final destination, passing first through a warehouse facility.

In order for the process to run smoothly, all paperwork must be in order. If the documents are not complete or if they are not understood, the process may take longer to complete.

For this reason, it is important to be extremely careful when filling out all the paperwork for your shipment. Otherwise, this package may be held by the authorities until all the necessary information is provided.

How long does the Customs Clearance process take?

Like any other process, we will have to deal with different regulations, which involve time. The whole process can take from a few hours to several days or weeks. This will depend on factors such as:

  • Regulations for the transit of these products.
  • The type of load.
  • Controlled substances are being imported.
  • The efficiency of the customs office.

Some countries have agreements with other countries so the customs process is very fast. For this reason, we must always take into consideration the regulations of each country, and the possible agreements to make your purchases. This way, you will avoid long waiting periods at customs.

What items must be paid to be released from customs?

Many countries require the payment of tariffs or taxes on imports. Rates can range from 0% to 20% or even more, depending on the type of cargo and the policies of each country. Costs are usually calculated by weight, volume, or a combination of both.

The best way to calculate these costs is to use the HTS or Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the country in question. It is also important to be aware of these possible customs processing costs, so you can avoid bad experiences.

Who is responsible for the documents created for the process?

Normally the paperwork is the responsibility of the person who is importing, at the same time taxes must be paid. An IOR or Importer of Record must be filed to declare what the shipment is carrying, pay the duties and receive the package.

This document indicates who is the temporary legal owner of the goods being imported during shipment. This is a process that is required for all international shipments of goods, and packages will always have to go through the same process.

What is the Customs Clearance Process like?

This is a process that consists of 4 basic stages, which are:

Document inspection

The first thing that will be done at customs is for an officer to review the paperwork that accompanies the package. This is to determine that the information is correct and complete, and they will see both the commercial invoice and the shipping label.

The commercial invoice must have the contact information of the sender and receiver of the package. In addition, it must contain the date of export and the airway bill number.

Tax calculation

The duties you will have to pay will be calculated based on the type of goods you are importing, their value, and local regulations. In this case, customs officials will be in charge of calculating the taxes to be paid.

Payment of taxes and fees

In this case, you have two options for payment, the first one is Deliver Duty Unpaid. In these cases, the customs officer will track the shipment until it is delivered and at this time you will have to pay the required amount.

On the other hand, if we talk about Deliver Duty Paid, it means that all duties have been paid. This is the simplest way to make the customs clearance process as efficient as possible.

Shipment release

Once everything is paid for, the shipment will be released from customs so that it can continue on its normal way in the country.

In case your shipment gets stuck in customs, chances are that the paperwork has been filled out incorrectly. It is best to fix this as soon as possible because it could end up being quite costly for your business.

Tips to avoid customs clearance delays

To avoid delays to your packages, it is best to follow these tips:

  • You should always have your paperwork filled out and in order.
  • Write a complete description of what your package contains to speed up the process.
  • Be aware of country-specific regulations to ensure that your shipments go smoothly.
  • Declares the actual value of the contents of the package.
  • Explain the reason why the shipment is being made.

Keep in mind that, if there are discrepancies in the documentation submitted, customs delays may arise. To avoid this, you should always make sure that all the information you are giving to the customs department is correct.

How long can Customs Clearance Processing Complete take?

This will depend on many different factors and the number of packages that are passing through the international hub. For example, the largest FedEx hub is in Memphis, Tennessee. Normally if packages are shipped by carriers such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL, this process will be quick.

It will also depend on the speed of the service you have purchased. For express shipments, priority will be given to customs processing. However, if it is an economy shipment, it will usually take a little longer.

Once the customs clearance process is completed, your package will not take long to reach you. If all goes well, the package will usually arrive at its destination without any complications and within the time stipulated by the shipping company.