What does it mean “departed shipping partner facility USPS awaiting item”?

When using a shipping company, such as USPS, for our packages purchased in other locations, we must inform ourselves regarding the different statuses in which our purchases can be found. One is the “departed shipping partner facility USPS awaiting item.”

This is very common nowadays since they present lower costs for users since the two companies are associated. Because of this, it is important to know what it is and what we need to know to use it.

What does the “Departed shipping partner facility USPS awaiting item” mean?

This is nothing more than a partnership between two shipping companies. Generally, there is an external carrier and USPS. It indicates that the person in charge of getting your order to you (external carrier) has managed to get it to the USPS offices.

From the moment you leave it in their hands, he loses total responsibility for the package, so if any inconvenience occurs with it from the time of delivery until it reaches your hands, it will be solely the responsibility of the shipping company.

The most common partners of USPS are UPS, DHL, and FedEx. The third-party carrier is responsible for picking up the customer’s purchase and delivering it to the USPS companies.

However, this may cause your delivery to take longer, but it presents a lower cost to the customer compared to USPS-only shipments.

Where is my package when I see “Departed Shipping Partner Facility USPS Awaiting Item”?

With this information alone, knowing where your package is located and how long it will take for USPS to arrive is difficult.

However, third-party companies often update their customers and inform them that they are on their way to the USPS facility and have already communicated with them.

This is to reassure them that they have an estimate of the time remaining before their package arrives. Remember that the USPS has not yet received your purchase when you get this alert.

On the other hand, if you are very anxious to know the whereabouts of your order, you could try the main element of the destination address. There you will be able to see all the updates on your package.

But, it is important to emphasize that the time will depend on where the installation is located. If you are far from your location, you will have to wait for various transport facilities to reach your destination.

Otherwise, you can expect to wait a few days or even a day to reach the USPS if it is in your city.

Is there any way to know if my seller shipped the item I purchased online?

Thanks to the fact that many scammers have been seen today, this has made people wary of anything involving money, even online shopping.

There have been cases in which online scams occur or make a shipment of some items that are broken, in poor condition, or say they were lost or stolen.

When they say they did send it, but it never arrived, you can ask them for a sample of the receipt given to you when you delivered the package with your products. This way, you can confirm that USPS has your package.

But, there are always people who want to try to deceive people and may say that they were not given a receipt, but usually, they should have received one. In these cases, you should look to follow up.