What does “Departed USPS regional facility” mean?

The United States Postal Service is responsible for processing the shipping and delivery of packages through the mail for its customers. The USPS regional facility is where the package arrives at the beginning of the process and is an important part of the package shipping process.

What does receiving the message “Departed USPS Regional facility” mean on the package shipment tracking? There is nothing to worry about. It is normal. If you have this status on your shipment, here’s what it is, what you should do and what to expect from the postal service.

What Is the USPS Regional Facility?

The USPS regional facility refers to the mail processing centre. This service operates for a specific area within the United States Postal Service. This means that it is a central warehouse known as a hub.

At the regional facility, all packages are sorted and then redistributed to their final agency, where they will be delivered to the carrier and taken to their final destination.

In the case of parcel shipment status, if it appears to have left the regional facility of the postal service, it means that the parcel is on its way to the regional facility to be subsequently delivered to the carrier for local shipment.

It may also mean that the package is being held at the USPS regional facility due to a sorting error. This may be due to an incorrect address or problems with customs.

If your case is as mentioned above, this status will be momentary; you will receive a notification from the USPS with additional information and questions to address the problem and resume shipping.

There are more than 250 regional facilities, and the Postal Service operates 22 national mail processing distribution centres in the United States.

How often will my package be in a USPS regional facility?

The process by which mail arrives at the USPS Regional Facility will depend on the package’s final destination. However, the estimated time is approximately 1 to 2 days.

What if I don’t want to wait?

Suppose you receive an update on the tracking status of your package, and the “Departed USPS regional facility” message appears. You probably don’t want to wait the approximate time for the package to be sent to the mailing agency. In that case, you can expedite the shipping process with Priority Mail Express.

What happens after the packages leave USPS Regional Facility?

Once the package leaves the USPS Regional Facility, it may be shipped to another regional warehouse closer to the final destination address.

If the package were at a regional facility near the final destination, it would be shipped to the nearest post office and then sent to another, local post office. Afterwards, the courier service will pick up the package for personal delivery. 

How to accelerate the shipping process?

The U.S. Postal Service works the same for everyone, so you cannot outright accelerate the shipping process; you must constantly track the package to have the most up-to-date information on when the package may arrive.

However, some processes or services can help you accelerate the shipping process; these services can be external to the USPS or additional services offered by the USPS.

USPS Priority Mail Express

The USPS Priority Mail Express service guarantees that your package will reach you within two days, regardless of the processes it has to go through.

Have a different Courier company service

Using a courier service other than the USPS may be a little more expensive, but it may be more suited to your needs. Trying another shipping service may accelerate the delivery process. Some of the most popular are FedEx, UPS and DHL.

Private courier services are much faster than the U.S. Postal Service and guarantee safety, security and reliability. However, they are much more expensive than using the USPS.

You will have to weigh whether you prefer to save a little money but perhaps wait a little longer to receive the package or pay more but ensure speedy delivery.