DHL clearance event • What does it mean and how long does it take?

Sending a package to another country is not always as straightforward as it may seem, especially because of all the customs processes this can involve. The DHL Clearance Event is one of the updates that everyone wants to avoid because this can slow down the speed of shipments a bit.

This is because when DHL Clearance Event appears on our tracking, it means that our shipment is in the customs clearance process. This is normal and does not take too long, but different situations may arise.

At this stage of the tracking, different messages may appear, so it is good to know what they indicate.

What does it mean when your package is in the DHL clearance event?

This is a process that all packages with an international destination must go through. It is done to ensure that shipments are registered and approved by the government for import and export. In addition, this process ensures that all taxes are properly paid.

However, the process can cause delays, depending on each individual case. When shipping by DHL they take care to make the process as fast as possible. However, this does not mean that there are no delays.

In order for you to know the status at all times, DHL will always give updates on the status of the customs process. In addition, it provides any additional information related to the process as we will see below.

How long can a DHL clearance event take?

If the whole process is normal, customs clearance can take between 2 to 3 days. This is provided that all paperwork is perfect and that no fees are to be paid. In case any paperwork is incomplete, additional information may be required.

The information needed will appear on the DHL tracking page. In these cases simply look under the “Further Details” tab. In these cases, you will need to provide additional information so that the package can continue on its way.

What are the messages that may appear during the clearance event?

The messages that may appear during the DHL clearance event can be varied. Some of the messages that may be encountered are:

Determining customs duty

This message will appear when the shipped products need to pay commissions. This is one of the most common messages that may appear during the customs clearance process. The value to be paid will be determined by the value of the product during shipment.

This is a different commission than the commission you paid initially and is the responsibility of the receiver of the package. After the payment due is calculated, DHL will pay the commission on behalf of the receiver of the package.

When DHL sends you this message, it will mean that it is calculating the amount to be charged, which must be paid for the package to be delivered to its final recipient.

Customs clearance paperwork check

This means that your shipment’s paperwork is being inspected by a customs officer. This is a normal step and does not imply that there is anything wrong with your shipment, but some shipments go through this additional step.

When all paperwork is verified to be in order, the shipment will return to its normal route for delivery. Just be patient until the package is back on its route.

Further clearance process is required

It’s a message that comes up rarely; but don’t worry, because DHL will take care of it. However, it’s good to pay attention to any calls as DHL may need additional information from you and what you are shipping.

Uncontrollable clearance delay

It is a message you would not like to see on your shipments. This means that something unusual has happened, causing a delay in the customs clearance process of your shipment. Among the most common causes are:

  • The paperwork has not been filled out or is filled out incorrectly.
  • The sender of the package has lied about the value of the shipment.
  • Illegal or high-risk products are being shipped.
  • A thorough examination of the shipment is necessary.
  • The description of the shipment is vague or does not describe the contents well.

In most cases when this message appears the shipment will be delayed for 2 to 3 days. If everything is in order, just be patient and constantly check the status of the shipment until it is updated.

Released by customs

This is the message that will indicate that the entire customs clearance process has been completed. Once this message appears, it means that your shipment will continue to its original destination.

Why does a shipment get stuck in the clearance event?

DHL will always provide you with updates on the status of your shipment. However, in some cases, it will get stuck in the clearance event. In most cases, this is because DHL has not been able to find out the status at customs.

It may also be because the process has already been completed, but has not yet been updated. The only thing you can do in these cases is to be patient or contact DHL customer service. This way, you might have more clarity on the status of your package in the clearance event.

Are customs charges due?

Yes, you need to pay customs charges if you want to receive a shipment that goes in your name. Normally, DHL will inform you of the value to be paid and will allow you to pay easily from their website.

If the customs charges are not paid, the shipment will be sent back to the person who initially sent it. This means that if you are expecting a shipment you will not receive it if you have refused to pay duties and taxes.