What does Dispatch from Outward Office of Exchange mean?

For packages coming from Japan, you can receive different tracking alerts than for packages coming from other parts of the world. One of the most striking is “dispatch from outward office of exchange“. This is an alert that can be confusing on many occasions.

What does dispatch from outward office of exchange mean?

This is a phrase with which packages being prepared for customs will appear. It is a normal alert during the travel process of a package from Japan. After the customs process is completed the package will be given directly to the airline that will transport it.

Normally, this upgrade will take 2 to 10 days. This is the time it will take for the package to clear customs. If the shipment takes more than two to three weeks without an update, it will mean that there is a problem with the security check. In most of these cases, the shipper will receive a refund of the shipping money.

How long does the package remain in the customs process?

This estimate varies because sometimes it is very fast and sometimes not so fast. If everything goes according to the itinerary, the package should be on the plane in no more than 24 hours. However, everything will depend on the trip the package has to make and the type of shipment.

The next update will be received once the package arrives at the destination. In this case, you will receive the notification “arrival at inward office of exchange“. If the package goes by air this may take a few days, but if it goes by sea it will take a few weeks to arrive at the destination.

Under normal conditions, it is estimated that the package will arrive at its destination within 2 to 3 days However, this time is only an estimate, and many factors can cause delays. If the package is shipped during a period of high parcel congestion, it is normal to experience delays at customs.

What to do if my package gets stuck in dispatch from outward office of exchange?

It is not very common, but sometimes this type of problem may occur. The first thing to do is to check the tracking information to see if there is any additional information. If there is no additional information, you will have to contact the person who sent the package to see if they have any information.

It is also possible to contact the post office to try to find out more information. On the other hand, it is also possible that the status has not been updated, so it is good to wait a few days to see if the package arrives.

In case the package does not arrive, you will need to contact the sender to find out if they will resend it.

Why doesn’t my package arrive directly?

Packages shipped from Japan will not arrive directly to the United States. They go through several intermediate countries where they normally move from plane to plane. They will take several flights along the journey, but will not necessarily be scanned for shipment status updates.

Even when the package arrives in the United States, it may not arrive at an airport in your state. Typically, it will be at a major hub, which may be hundreds of miles away from where you live. For this reason, the package will have to continue its journey until it reaches your hands.

Where is my package located when this update appears?

When the update “dispatch from outward office of exchange” appears on the tracking, the package will still be in Japan. However, it is very close to being loaded on an airplane or sea transport. Therefore, when this update is received the package will start its journey.

It will also indicate that the package has successfully passed the security and customs clearance processes. Once it clears these processes it has been scanned for shipment to the destination country. The next step for your package will be to leave Japan to begin the journey to reach you.

What’s next once the package arrives at its destination?

Once the package arrives in the United States, it will be presented to customs for import.

Depending on the type of package, two things can happen: it can be accepted or rejected.

In the first case, the package will continue on its way until the final delivery is made without any mishap. But, due to different regulations it may be returned and will not be allowed to enter the country.

It may also be held up, and in these cases, it is important to contact the post office as soon as possible to find out the reasons. In most cases, this will not happen, and customs will return it to the post office for final delivery.

During the process, depending on the package, it may be opened for physical inspection. If everything is in order, you will receive the package very soon, in some cases on the same day or the next.