FedEx Hubs • How do they work and which are the most important ones in the USA?

There are different FedEx Hubs in the United States, and they handle the processing of different packages. However, there is always a question as to how the hubs work, and how your packages are processed as they pass through these facilities.

Note that there are both air hubs and ground hubs in the USA. The largest of them all is located in Memphis, Tennessee. For this reason, it is necessary to know how they work and you will know more about the transportation of your packages.

How many FedEx Hubs are there in the United States?

We should consider that there are two types of FedEx hubs throughout the United States. These are:

FedEx Express Air Hubs

They use cargo airplanes to transport packages across the country and internationally in a fast way. This service uses hubs that are located at airports. There are a total of 13 airport hubs, and they usually process packages during the night.

There are multiple such hubs throughout the world to process international shipments. The best known of these is the Memphis hub, which is the largest. There are also hubs in Miami, Dallas, Indianapolis, and Oakland.

These FedEx hubs can process between 1.3 and 1.5 million packages every night. This is because they have many employees, and even have their own fire department.

FedEx Ground Hubs

There are 39 such hubs in the United States. These facilities are not publicly listed, however, some cities such as Metuchen, New Jersey, Ocala, Florida, Houston, and Champaign are known to have these hubs.

This network of hubs employs around 95,000 people and handles the processing of around 7.5 million packets daily.

How does the FedEx hub system work?

FedEx does not use the point-to-point system for package delivery. This is because the system of having a centralized hub makes the entire logistics process more efficient. In this way, faster and more efficient deliveries can be made.

The hub system works as a regional operation and can decrease the delivery time for all packages. If a package must traverse multiple states or travel internationally, this network can make the package travel at high speed.

For express parcels, they will normally pass through air hubs for faster delivery speed. The ground hubs work in the same way, but the coverage of these is smaller, for the collection and delivery of packages.

Which hub will my packages pass through?

When a shipment is made, on the label you will find the hub information through which the package will pass. The first letter indicates the FedEx Hub to which the package will go. For example, if it is the letter X, it means it will go through the Memphis hub.

Other letters that may appear on labels to identify hubs are:

  • A: corresponds to the Forth Worth, TX hub.
  • X: Memphis, TN.
  • N: is the hub for Indianapolis, IN.
  • E: indicates Newark, NJ hub.
  • Number: of the state you are in.

Normally, when FedEx Express packages are shipped, they will be sent by air, unless the distance between the sender and receiver is short. In the case of Ground Hubs, each hub is identified with an ID code.

Why do so many FedEx packages go through Memphis?

A lot of FedEx packages go through the Memphis hub, and this is because it is the largest. Most packages are processed at this hub because it has a high frequency of cargo aircraft.

Typically, there are 240 daily cargo flights arriving in Memphis. In addition, using this hub will reduce the number of flights needed for the entire network, and ensures that deliveries are made on time.

In the tracking can I see any updates on FedEx hub activity?

We may encounter different alerts related to the hub such as “Arrived at FedEx Hub” or “Departed FedEx Hub“. When the package arrives at the hub, it will be scanned, and when it departs, it will indicate that the package will continue its transit.

Other alerts that may indicate that the package is in or has left the hub are usually “Departed FedEx Location” or “Arrived at FedEx Location“. They will basically indicate the same as the other updates.

Almost all FedEx packages are processed via the hub, and generally, you will always receive an update regarding hub activity.

Can packages be picked up at a hub?

Normally, you will not be able to pick up your packages at any of the FedEx Hubs in the United States. This is because these are not retail locations.

However, for shipments containing temperature or time-sensitive items, an exception may be made. In these cases, FedEx should be contacted directly so that arrangements can be made to pick up the package.

This type of shipment includes live animals, or shipments that are frozen, which must be given priority for collection.

Can animals be shipped through any FedEx Center?

Not all FedEx facilities will accept live animals, and many facilities have the right to refuse the shipment. Only hubs that accept “Dangerous Goods” have the option to allow animals to be shipped.

In the case of animal pick-up, it is best to clearly specify the pick-up center so that you can pick up your animal. Remember that the address of the center where you will pick up the animal must be included in the shipment.

In these cases, it is not necessary to put “Hold for Pickup” on the label, but it may be good to put it on the second address line to make sure of it. Ideally, look for the destination office when shipping animals or temperature-sensitive items to avoid delays.