Why does the message “FedEx local delivery restriction” appear?

There is no doubt that, as a virtual buyer, nothing generates more frustration than when your order does not arrive on time. Even more so when you don’t know the exact reason for the delay and you can’t find a solution on the internet.

Have you ever ordered a FedEx shipment and gotten the “FedEx local delivery restriction” message? Rest assured, you are not the only one who has had this happen to you, and you certainly are not the last.

What does the message “FedEx local delivery restriction” mean?

The “FedEx local delivery restriction” or, as it may sometimes appear “Delivery exception” is defined by FedEx as a delay in the delivery of the order while it is in transit.

At the same time, it is understood that this is due to a circumstance that is unavoidable for the delivery personnel, such as a weather event, a natural disaster, a traffic accident, or an unexpected vehicle malfunction while carrying the package.

Does “FedEx local delivery restriction” mean my package will arrive late?

Not necessarily. The fact that this message appears does not directly indicate that your package will be delayed in its arrival. FedEx seeks to work on a solution as quickly as possible to ensure that your package arrives on time and that any inconvenience can be overcome.

The status of your package can be tracked in the activity section of your shipment. You will be able to check the timeline of the exception, and a message will appear once the exception is resolved.

Why is this term used?

The term “FedEx local delivery restriction” may sound a bit strong for what you are trying to say with the message. This explains that what happened is out of FedEx’s hands and will be resolved as soon as possible.

In most cases, this message usually appears when the problem is directly from the delivery personnel. Either because they can’t get to the location due to unforeseen events or because the distributor can’t get to the delivery point due to some inconvenience beyond their capabilities.

Has something happened to my package if the “FedEx local delivery restriction” appears?

For direct sellers, the term “FedEx local delivery restriction” is often used to refer to any damage to the product during shipment. If you are dealing with FedEx, this is not necessarily the case; when you see this notification on the vehicle tracking screen, it just means that something unexpected has occurred during delivery.

Similarly, it may also be that the order has arrived at its destination successfully, but the delivery location was not open, or there was no one present at the time to sign the delivery receipt. There is also the possibility that the order has been affected so is to be returned to the sender.

What will happen to my order?

No worries; FedEx will find a solution for the delivery of your order and is undoubtedly already working on it. Every effort is made to provide the best delivery service possible.

There may be no delay at all

Often, the display of this notification will not directly mean that your order will be late. If the unforeseen event is not as drastic as originally expected, your shipment will still arrive on schedule.

Late but successful delivery is possible

Certain inconveniences may delay the delivery of your order by hours or days, but FedEx will undoubtedly work to ensure that the delivery is successful. In these cases, it is common for the delay to be caused by someone not being there to receive the product.

The package can be returned to the sender

The package will only be sent back to the shipper in extreme cases. Situations where the address has been lost, labels have been damaged, or the package has been damaged in any way.

These cases are very unfortunate, but FedEx will continue to make every effort to provide satisfactory service to its customers.

Tracking Code

At FedEx, unlike other shipping companies, you will receive a specific tracking code when this happens. Allowing you to verify details of why the message has appeared.

Likewise, in cases of weather or delivery address failure, the order will likely try to be delivered the same day a few hours later.