What does the status “international shipment release – import” mean?

If you have ever made international shipping through FedEx, it is normal that you will see the status “international shipment release – import” at some point. This status usually appears when you track the order through the FedEx website and can take you by surprise.

What does “international shipment release – import” mean?

This status that FedEx places on your international shipments means that your package has been verified, approved, and released by your country’s customs department. It is also a sign that your package has been released for further domestic distribution.

This is one of several statuses with the same meaning used by FedEx to demonstrate the progress of your package. On the other hand, it seeks to keep you informed of the shipment’s progress and not miss any details of its tracking.

shipmet release

shipmet release fedex

As you know, as a FedEx user, you can track your product in each of its distribution stages.

How does the FedEx international shipping process work?

This process starts in the same country where your package is shipped from. FedEx is responsible for customs clearance to take your package to its destination country. Facilitating a process that can be cumbersome when placing international orders.

Once the package is in the destination country, customs officials will verify and approve it. This considers the payment of the respective taxes and duties if necessary.

Upon completing this process, the package will be routed to the FedEx facility for distribution to its final location. The status of “international shipment release – import” will appear once customs have received the package.

Is this status okay?

This is certainly one of the FedEx notifications you should expect to receive whenever you ship internationally. This status means that your order is already in the destination country and will start the customs process for its subsequent domestic delivery.

It is normal that during this phase of the shipment, you will observe many similar statuses when tracking your order. This is because FedEx seeks to keep you updated on each phase of the progress of the custom.

Also, the “International Shipment Release – Import” status may be followed by the “International Shipment Release” status. This means that your package has already been approved by customs officials and is ready for FedEx to continue the delivery process.

Does that mean my package will be delivered?

If you think about it, the answer to this question is “not yet”. By going through this process, your package will enter the FedEx national distribution network, with an estimated delivery time of 2 to 3 business days.

In other words, this process is a step closer to the delivery of your package, but it does not mean that the completion of its delivery will be immediate. It would help if you considered that the package would be taken to a FedEx distribution center after being received at customs, and the common national process would begin.

In addition, you should be aware that your package is not the only one to arrive at the airport or port. It is normal for it to take a little while occasionally. You can still contact FedEx at any time with any questions.

How long should the status last?

With the number of packages arriving daily in the United States (About 1 million at John F. Kenedy airport alone). Normally, this process is not immediate; you have to remember that at the same time, you are facing an immigration check process, so it is not something simple.

It is normal for this status to last from 2 to 3 business days on normal dates, and it can be extended up to 5 days on Christmas or Thanksgiving holidays. However, it is recommended that you contact FedEx after 3 days without any change in status.

Just a matter of days

In general, the biggest recommendation when this status appears, and as often with the mail, is to stay calm. Wait for the FedEx team to do its job and for your package to arrive safely at its final destination.

The FedEx international shipping process can vary in time depending on the country the package is coming from. But in general, they offer a service of up to 4 days maximum waiting time for importing packages to the United States.