What is the role of the Jamaica NY International Distribution Center?

When shipping internationally, either to receive or send it to another country, you should know how the process works, especially if it’s through USPS or the United States Postal Service. They are not known for international shipping, but they do a good job at it.

They are responsible for distributing packages internationally through strategically located distribution centers. Centers are responsible for receiving orders and shipping them to their final destination.

What is the Jamaica International Distribution Center in New York?

This distribution center is a USPS package processing unit. It is located in the Jamaica neighborhood in Queens, New York. This center differs from the others because of its easy international accessibility, although it also handles domestic package delivery.

Packages sent to or from Australia, China, Canada, and the United States, among many other countries, will be directed to this distribution center. This is once the order has received police and border security approval.

If you are expecting an international package, it is certain to pass through this international distribution center. This is because it is the busiest due to its ease of access and is used to ship packages throughout the United States.

International Shipping System

The Jamaica distribution center, located in Queens, is part of a network of USPS centers. These centers are responsible for receiving all packages that arrive internationally and then distributing them domestically throughout the United States.

USPS ensures that your package takes the most convenient route to its final destination. Taking it to different distribution centers as the shipment is sent. In a process that you can track all the time with your tracking number, but that starts from the Jamaica center.

So if you see that in the tracking of your order, it is in the Jamaica distribution center, do not worry. Your package is at the largest distribution center in the United States, waiting to be shipped to its final destination or another intermediary center.

How long can my package stay at the Jamaica distribution center?

Due to the cumbersome operation of the postal system, it isn’t easy to estimate how long your package may last at this center. On average, it is expected that your package will take no more than four days to complete the process.

At the same time, by law, this process could be completed in 1 hour, which is legitimately strange. So the time the package can be in this center will depend on the package itself and where it comes from.

The objective of USPS is that a package does not spend more than 24 hours in these centers. The goal is to accelerate the process. Many packages arriving at the Jamaica distribution center pass through other centers before reaching their final destination.

Can my package be held at the Jamaica distribution center?

There is a possibility that your package could be held at this distribution center. In most cases, this will happen because of a problem with the package itself. This could be a mistake in the address or damage to the labels.

A USPS official from the Jamaica distribution center will contact you in these cases to solve the problem. Likewise, the user will always be able to contact the center with any questions or issues regarding their shipment.

Why do all packages go through this center?

The Jamaica distribution center is considered one of the most reliable. This, along with the accessibility of transportation through the John F. Kennedy airport, makes USPS use it as the main location for receiving and shipping international packages.

Likewise, this center is designed to receive shipments by ship, thanks to its ports. This makes it an automatic option for all package shipments, no matter where they come from.

Can this process be accelerated?

The main option to accelerate this process is to consider USPS first-class shipping. In this case, the shipment will arrive by air to the destination country, the United States, and will leave by truck once the border police approve it.

In this case, the process will be much faster, going from one distribution center to another in the shortest period possible. This type of shipment usually takes about three days on average.