Package Available for Clearance • What does this mean at FedEx?

There are different procedures when shipping an international package. When the notification ”package available for clearance” appears, this will indicate that the package has been released for final delivery.

International shipments require some paperwork, scanning, and customs clearance to reach their final destination. When this notification appears, it will indicate that the package will be in our hands very soon.

What is the process behind Package Available for Clearance?

This is a notification from FedEx of the customs clearance process, informing you that everything has gone smoothly. Because FedEx uses the latest technologies available, the rigorous paperwork process has been eliminated.

Compared to other courier companies, FedEx performs all its processes faster. In this way, all packages move faster both domestically and internationally.

All the updates of the customs clearance process are kept in the database by a system that is fast. There are many updates that you will receive, even when the aircraft has the package or is in the air.

Customs brokers and airport representatives are responsible for analyzing each shipment.

What happens after the package is released?

Before giving the last update which is the package available for clearance a final check will be done. This can always be tracked with the ID given to you by the courier company for your shipment.

When a FedEx international shipment is made, the package is tracked every step of the way. This greatly helps in generating or obtaining customs clearance. Once the package receives this latest update, you will be able to know the time frame for the release of the package.

Ideally, you should wait to receive another update on the tracking, so that you can have a better idea of when your package will be released.

How long does the FedEx customs clearance process take?

The shipment clearance process will normally take two to three days if the shipment is shipped via FedEx. However, this will largely depend on the volume of packages going through customs.

It is always good to expect a slight delay in any shipment, especially when shipping during vacation periods. Another reason why a delay may occur is when documentation is incomplete. Remember, commercial documentation must always be complete because it is strictly reviewed.

In case your package requires a special customs clearance process, FedEx can do it. For this, it is important to note that an additional fee must be paid for the company to do the process.

Shipments that have a normal customs clearance process will not have to pay an additional fee.

However, if the process requires a special customs clearance, you will have to pay an extra cost.

What can cause delays in FedEx customs clearance?

The customs clearance process usually takes a few hours. However, this time can increase up to 5 days. It may vary, depending on where you reside, and some of the causes of delays may be:

  • The information is not complete in the document.
  • Customs clearance requires the payment of import duty and VAT.
  • Authorization for representation is required.
  • When you have instructions that the package is to be held until instructions are received from the importer.
  • Assets are to be subject to inspection by other government departments.

In all cases, these delays cause the package to take a little longer to be delivered, so you must be patient.

How can delays in the customs clearance process be fixed?

One of the biggest complaints users have about these delays is that nothing can be done. We can only wait until the package continues with its normal process. In some cases, the Clearing Delay notification may appear in the tracking.

You can try to resolve this by calling the shipping company directly. It is also important to consider that if you are going to receive a package you will also be notified about the process.

When the package has finally been released from customs, the courier service will be in charge of the final delivery. On many occasions, you may receive a notification that your package will be delivered in 2 hours or something similar.

Does the USPS accept FedEx packages for final delivery?

Yes, when your package is released from customs it will be placed on a FedEx truck for final delivery. However, in some cases, it can also be delivered via USPS. This is as long as your delivery address is in the United States.

However, certain arrangements must be made for the package to be delivered in this manner as final delivery.