What does the status “Processed Through ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS) Facility” mean?

Have you encountered the status “processed through facility ISC Los Angeles CA” when waiting to track your USPS package? Don’t worry; it’s normal, and you’re not the only one who’s had it happen to you. Here’s why.

First, let’s define the status “processed through facility ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS).”

“Processed through facility ISC Los Angeles CA” is an alert that you may find alarming. It is clear that no one wants delays in their shipments, and receiving a notification like this when you are tracking your order can set off your alarms.

But don’t let fear get the better of you; this status is placed on every package that passes through the USPS ISC Los Angeles, CA facility. It’s normal for your package to receive this label if you’re a West Coast user. It’s a good thing it does, as it means it’s going through the normal distribution process.

What is the Los Angeles, CA ISC facility, and what is it for?

This international service center is based at LAX airport and serves as the main USPS customs and redistribution facility in the western United States. All packages received and to be shipped overseas from the West Coast of America are processed here.

One thing to note is that this center is not a customs facility but a USPS distribution center with customs. In other words, USPS ensures that the customs service checks your package as soon as it enters the U.S.

But… What is the procedure at this center?

Once your international package arrives at this center, it is followed through the normal customs process. This consists of its review, approval, and subsequent initiation of the distribution mechanism.

Likewise, the appearance of the status “processed through facility ISC Los Angeles CA” represents that your package has already arrived at this facility. It does not necessarily mean that your package has passed the process, but it is already in the hands of U.S. Customs.

It should be noted that checking and verifying packages is non-intrusive; unless your package is considered dangerous, it will not be opened. In any case, it will go through a thorough check to verify its legality in terms of content and paperwork.

How long can this status last?

The average time for this status to last in tracking your package is between 48 and 72 hours. But it is not uncommon that this period can be extended to about five days since this center is the main one in the western region of the United States, and all the packages that arrive in this area pass through it.

It will also depend a lot on the package size since large packages are the last to be unloaded and, therefore, the last to start the process. Also, dates such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s can delay the process.

Once your package has been approved by customs and is ready for distribution. It will be loaded onto a delivery truck, and the tracking system will automatically place you in the next delivery status.

Reasons why your package may take longer in this status

Your package may be delayed at the beginning of this process for several reasons. Failure in your paperwork, delays in its disembarkation due to the size of the package, delays in collecting taxes, or internal reasons can make your time in customs longer.

For this reason, it is best to wait calmly for the tracking status to show progress in the process. In any case, you can always contact USPS to find a solution.

To consider

Just because your package has reached this point in delivery does not mean it will be delivered to you immediately. There is still a delivery process to follow.

Depending on different circumstances, such as time, size, and location of the final destination, this process can take anywhere from 3 to 20 more days before reaching the destination point. As we have said, in most cases, the best option is to wait for this process.