What does Processing at UPS Facility mean? • What to do?

When you receive a tracking update that says “Processing at UPS Facility” you may be concerned about your package. However, this is a normal tracking system update which indicates that it has reached a UPS facility where it has been scanned by a worker.

Many questions arise about the meaning of this tracking update. And you probably want to know if your package is stuck. Normally, in these cases, the package is in a distribution center and has not yet left the distribution center.

What does it mean when a package is being processed at a UPS facility?

If you find yourself tracking your package and see the update that it is being processed at the UPS facility there is nothing to fear. The package is simply sitting in a UPS office. And will soon be out for delivery.

In these cases, all the details are in the process of being arranged so that the final delivery can be made. UPS handles a large number of packages on a daily basis, and they must make sure that each one reaches its final destination. In these cases, you will have to wait until it is loaded onto a truck and sent for final delivery.

Whenever this message appears it means that it will soon be updated so that it can be delivered to your address. It can be either near the seller or near the destination, so at this point, you cannot be sure of the exact location of the package.

If the package is close to the delivery address it will be delivered very quickly. But, if it is not yet close to its destination, it may take a little longer to be delivered.

How long does processing at the UPS facility take?

When a package arrives at a UPS facility, the first thing that is done is to scan it to determine its final destination. Once scanned, it is placed in an area where it is held until it is shipped. Typically, processing times can vary depending on the number of packages in the facility.

Normally it takes 24 to 48 hours for the processing at the UPS facility message to stop appearing and for the shipment to be delivered. However, if you have a premium delivery, the waiting time may be shorter.

Please note that this status should not last more than 48 hours, otherwise it means that it is stuck in the same place. In these cases, it will be necessary to take action in order for UPS to make the final delivery.