What to do if UPS says “Delivered at Front Door” but there’s no package? • Why does this happen?

UPS is one of the delivery services that has a large and advanced network that allows the delivery of all types of packages without any inconvenience. However, sometimes the package appears as “Delivered at Front Door“, but in some cases, the package is not received at your address.

This is something that can happen for different reasons such as if the package was stolen, or updated incorrectly, among others. If you find yourself in this situation, you can ask the people in your house or a neighbor if they have the package. If this does not resolve the issue, you should contact UPS for a claim.

Reasons why this can happen when sending a package by UPS

The UPS tracking system is pretty good at showing delivery statuses. But in some cases, packages can say they were delivered without you receiving them. The reasons for this can be very varied, among which may be:

An error in the delivery update

The UPS driver may have updated the status of your order in error in the system. This may be because he is currently delivering the package. In these cases, the system will show it as delivered to your front door but it is still in delivery.

This problem occurs because the package is accidentally marked as delivered while it is on the route. However, in these cases, it is sufficient to wait a few hours for the package to be delivered.

The package was received by another person in the house or a neighbor.

It is possible that someone else who is at home at the time of delivery may have received the package. It is also possible that if the UPS delivery person cannot find you, the package may be delivered to a neighbor.

This is usually done in order to prevent the package from being stolen. In these cases, the package has been delivered, and you should ask your relatives or neighbors.

The package was stolen

Unfortunately, many packages are stolen from doorsteps. This happens frequently in some areas, especially when packages are left unattended. Sometimes thieves can monitor delivery people and doors to find these packages.

The driver left the package elsewhere

In some cases, UPS drivers leave the package in a place you wouldn’t usually check. It may be at a side entrance, behind a plant, or under the stairs. This can happen even if you have left specific instructions to leave the package at the front door.

The deliverer may not have read the instructions you left for them, or maybe even forgot them. However, in some cases, deliverers will do this intentionally in case they feel it is not safe to leave it on the front door. This is to protect it from theft or the elements.

How can I resolve the problem if my UPS package shows Delivered at the Front Door and I can’t find it?

If you encounter the “Delivered” message when you track, but you cannot find your package. You may have different options:

Verify tracking details

The first thing you need to do is to visit the UPS website or App to check the order details. The status may have additional information about the delivery. In case you have opted for “UPS Signature Required” which requires verifying your identity and signature, check if the person who received it can be identified.

If you do not require a signature for delivery, you can check if the driver uploaded a photo of the delivery. Normally, on the UPS tracking page, you can find a photo of the delivery as proof of where the package was left.

Ask neighbors or surrounding areas

You can ask other people in your household, or neighbors if they received your package for you. You can also check around your property because the UPS driver may have left the package in a hidden place to protect it from theft or rain. In case you still can’t find the package, you will have to file a complaint.

Contact UPS Customer Service

If you have searched for your UPS package thoroughly and still can’t find it, it’s time to contact the company. When you are talking to the UPS representative, you should provide the tracking number and they will guide you through the next steps.

You can also file a complaint on the UPS website. Normally, you must provide all the details of the package, explain the type of complaint, and provide any additional documentation for your complaint. In these cases, UPS will seek all the information necessary to provide you with a response about your package.

How do you prevent this from happening with your UPS packages?

It is impossible to influence the UPS tracking system. But a few techniques can help your package arrive safely at your front door. Among the best tricks you can apply are:

Verify that the delivery site is secure

The specified delivery location must be secure. This will reduce the chances of theft, and if you live in an area where many packages are stolen, it is best to receive the package at work or at a UPS Access Point.

You can also specify instructions so that the UPS driver can leave your package completely safely. It will always be good if the location for the driver to deliver the package is covered from rain and is secure. A good location might be behind a wall or plant.

Be present at the time of delivery

The best way to ensure the delivery of your package is to be present at the time of delivery. This is even if the person is not required to be available because this will prevent the package from being left somewhere where it can be stolen.

This is a measure you should take on packages that have high-value or important items. This will significantly reduce the chance of the package being stolen from the front door. In addition, it will also allow you to clearly know that your package has been received because you will be doing it yourself.

Should you request a signature for the delivery of your packages?

When you have a package that has something that is delicate or expensive. It is a good idea to request a signature for delivery. Some sellers automatically give these instructions to UPS for delivery when they are expensive items, but this is not always the case.

You can do this directly from the delivery details on the UPS website. This way, you can make sure that the package will be accepted only by you. This way, the delivery of the package will be more secure, and you can make sure that it will be delivered at a specific time more easily.

It may also be convenient to request delivery directly to your office so that you can receive the package on your own. In these cases, you can also request a signature service, to avoid having someone else in the office receive your package.