What does the “Awaiting delivery scan” notification mean?

Notifications in the US Postal Service tracking guide are often a bit confusing. This is because they are not as specific as expected, and sometimes the package’s status is poorly explained. That’s why it’s normal to generate a bit of concern.

If this is your case, don’t worry, the USPS wants to keep you updated on the status of your shipment, but since there are so many cases, the notifications are usually a bit general. In this case, if you have the “Awaiting delivery scan” notification, we will explain what the USPS means by that.

What is the meaning of Awaiting delivery scan?

This term is perhaps one of the most confusing notifications received in the USPS package tracking guide. This is because it may be referring to different scenarios. Remember that the USPS usually generalizes the messages, but we will tell you what it may refer to.

Scan of the package by the mailman

The notification “Awaiting delivery scan” often refers to the mailman forgetting to scan the package when he took it to the local delivery loading vehicle. So your package may be already on its way to your address, even though this status is displayed.

If so, you will likely receive the package, and the status will still appear on the tracking waybill. You can tell the mail carrier to report the failure, call customer service, or contact USPS. Another option is to let the status change itself.

The package never got dropped at the destination

“Waiting for delivery scan,” can refer to a fairly common error. The package is scanned at the local USPS post office. However, it is never delivered to the mail carrier to be taken to the freight car. Therefore, the package never arrives at its destination.

It is normal for these errors to happen when there is such a high volume of packages to be delivered; the packages are scanned for quick delivery upon arrival at the post office. Still, in the interim, between so many mailings, they are left with packages that have not yet been scanned or are for delivery later.

It is also possible that they get misplaced between the cracks of one of the trucks, and the letter carrier does not notice them for a few days. Therefore, it appears as “awaiting delivery scan” until the error is detected.

Error in the package code

Some cases are not as common as the ones mentioned above but may cause a delay in the delivery of the package.

In this case, the package scan may be incorrectly attributed to a previous stage of package processing. It is possible that some of the information was wrong in one of the processes, and the delivery information did not match according to the system.

The packages have their codes, but if they are handled by the postal service mail and get mixed up with the codes and arrive at the local post office, the package will be classified as “awaiting delivery scan” while they find out where the scanning error was made.

This is not a common problem because the quality control department is usually quite specific. However, it can happen at some point.

Temporary status

This is among the last stages of the package shipment. USPS processes the package for delivery to the post office, which will sort it according to the final destination and then deliver it by the mail carrier.

The “awaiting delivery scan” stamp is usually a temporary status while the package is being processed and sorted to determine the departure date for delivery. This status may also mean that the package has already been processed and is being sent for a status update.

Since there is no way to predict how long it will take to arrive from the time it is dispatched from the USPS offices to the nearest post office, it will appear as a predictive status “Awaiting delivery scan” until the USPS can verify that it has arrived at the next station.

Should I call USPS when my package is awaiting delivery of the item?

Remember that normally this term refers to an interim status while the package is being scanned and sorted for final shipment. This status can last for approximately 48 hours.

If more than two days have passed without a status update, it is recommended that you go to your local post office or call the customer service number to request information about the package.

When you call, they will ask for the package number to compare the tracking guide on the site with their internal system. By investigating what specific process the package is in real-time, they will explain why the system status has not been updated.

Another option is to contact the carrier to verify that they have the package and that the mail carrier has not scanned it out of the U.S. Postal Service post office.

If the carrier does not have the package information, they will contact the postal customer service directly to compare the shipment information; they will then contact you to give you the exact address.

Where to call?

You have two options for contacting the U.S. Postal Service. The first is to contact a customer service agent. If this is the case, you can call them at 1-800-275-8777.

This is a national postal customer service number, so no matter what state you are in, they can help you. However, there is another more specialized number in case you are unsatisfied with the customer service responses.

You can contact the postal service’s delivery tracking team at 1-800-222-1811, where they can give you more specific information about where your package may be in real-time.