Where does Shein ship from?

Shein is a virtual platform to buy clothes that, has been taking a position over the last few years thanks to its generous costs and the variety of articles you can find.

If you have ever ordered through this platform, you may have been uncertain about how it works at some point. Where do the shipments come from? This is one of the biggest questions about this company. We will take care to answer these doubts throughout this article.

Where is Shein headquartered?

Although Shein is a Chinese company, it does not have a physical location or a chain of stores behind it responsible for directing orders. A technique normally used by other companies to facilitate the shipping of products or lower the price of their rates.

Since its beginnings as an online store, Shein has been responsible for buying and selling clothing from Chinese retailers to the Western market. Today it also manufactures its products at its headquarters in China. This is for the purpose of keeping up with the fashion trend and establishing it themselves.

So… Where do Shein’s shipments come from?

Originally, Shein’s lifetime shipping location was their factory in China. All products sold were shipped from China to different parts of the world. But, this would change with Shein’s expansion.

For some time now, they have had warehouses strategically located worldwide. More specifically, in different cities in the United States, several countries in Europe, Asia, and the Far East.

This is to reduce shipping times for the different customers of the platform. For example, if a customer from the United States places an order, it will be easier, faster, and cheaper to ship it from one of their warehouses in that country.

They do not always come from the same place

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The warehouses closest to your location may not always have the product you’re looking for. So there will be times when Shein will be forced to ship from China, inevitably increasing the delivery time of the product you are looking for.

This is why in some cases, orders will arrive in parts; first, you receive the products in the warehouse and then those from China.

Another point to highlight is that all items made by Shein are manufactured in China and distributed from there. Although to facilitate shipping, the most requested items are shipped in bulk to the warehouses.

Shipping from retailers through Shein

In the case of purchases of products from retailers, the system processes your payment and, within three days, collects what you bought in China. This is as long as the products are not considered “trending” and are not already available in the different warehouses.

How long does a Shein shipment usually take?

When purchasing clothing through Shein, the shipping of your clothing will depend on the type of purchase you make or the type of shipping you qualify for. This will directly affect the cost of shipping and how long shipping may take.

Shein’s shipping time to the United States will also depend on the product’s availability and whether it is available in one of their warehouses. At the same time, these orders can be verified through the application in the “Track my order” section.

Standard Shipping Plan

For the United States, the standard shipping cost is $3.99 for purchases under $49.00 and free for orders over $49.00. This shipping will take between 12 and 14 days, depending on where the products come from.

Express Shipping Plan

For express purchases within the United States, delivery will take between 8 and 12 days at $12.90 for orders under $199.00.

It all depends on where the product is going

It is important to remember that these times may vary depending on your location, that is, where the product is going. Also, wherever the product is coming from; the shipping time for a product coming from a warehouse will not be the same as one coming from China.

This is why many Shein users may be surprised that their product arrives earlier than expected because the company seeks not to generate displeasure in their customers with deliveries after the established time.