5 Reasons to Choose CIMA

CIMA is the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and passing the qualification allows you to join their global network of high-flyers. But why is the qualification worth your time and money? Here’s why.

1) The Code

This is what sets the CIMA apart from other qualifications, and what sets its students apart in the field they are in – the CIMA Code of Ethics is intrinsic to the course itself and practicing ethical decision making is full integrated into the qualification.

2) The Money

Consider the average salary of the UK currently is just over £26,000. Now consider that the average salary of Qualified CIMA members in the UK is over £66,000.  Incentive.

3) The Topics

When put in comparison with equivalent degrees, the CIMA covers Operations Management, Management Accounting, Management of Relationships and Project Management in far more detail than other equivalent qualifications which focus more on the Accounting and Audit fixtures of the financial industry. This means that if management is your aim, the CIMA is much more of a well-rounded qualification.

4) The Global Network

By becoming a member of CIMA, you will be joining the biggest professional network of management accountants, which gives you access to the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) letters after your name. This means that you will be joining CIMA and AICPA graduates in some of the world’s most prominent management accountancy roles.

5) The Employability Factor

Bringing it back to the ethical code that was the big factor in point one, this ethical learning means that employers see you as an accountant with a background in upholding the highest ethical standards whilst balancing absolute professionalism at the same time.