5 Reasons to Choose the ACA

The ACA is the qualification of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and passing the course gives you access to the professional network the Institute provides. There are many different qualifications out there, so here are 5 reasons to choose the ACA.

1) Select Your Pathway

There’s a whole different host of pathways that you can take into the ACA, and therefore to becoming an ICAEW Accountant. There are opportunities for school leavers, University graduates and even those wishing to switch profession. You can start whenever, if you decide that Accountancy is the route for you.

2) Training Where You Like

With over 2,800 affiliated training institutions around the world, there’s plenty of places for you to learn your trade. This means that over all these institutions, there are more than 6,000 vacancies to learn every year.

3) Dollar Dollar Bills

In a real turn up for the books, whilst doing the ACA qualification you will be paid a salary that will potentially double in size by the time you qualify. On top of this, you can be supported by your employer, further improving your earning capacity! Now that’s a winner.

4) Training Support Network

With a dedicated support network to all students, ICAEW try their best to provide personalised assistance to give every single candidate the best chance of success. As part of a network, you’re also encouraged to work with and help out your fellow students to work through any issues.

5) Follow Up

It doesn’t just end when you finish the qualification either – once you’ve passed and are welcomed as a member of the Institute, the support network only grows, helping you to develop your career in the directions you want and take on your challenges with the backing of the ICAEW network.