5 Reasons to Gain a CFQ

The Corporate Finance Qualification is the most prestigious specialised accolade for corporate financial professionals. If this is an industry you’re thinking about entering, here’s why you should consider the CFQ.

1) Entry Levels

With three different entry levels which you can engage with depending on your previous experience and qualifications, finding the right place to start is easy. The Certificate in Corporate Finance gives you a basic grounding in the knowledge required, the Diploma in Corporate Finance equips candidate with advanced knowledge and expertise and the Corporate Finance Qualification compounds this expertise and shapes candidates into specialists in the field.

2) ICAEW Corporate Finance Faculty

Throughout the whole process, the faculty is there to provide constant support and guidance to each and every student. This means that no matter how tricky things seem along the road to your qualification, there will be people to help you out and keep you on the right track.

3) International Applicability

Because the syllabus is focused on corporate finance practice and theory, it is applicable in almost all markets around the world. Students from South Africa, Romania, Singapore, the U.A.E. and China, to name a few, are all very much part of the CFQ framework.

4) Reputation

The CFQ is known as being a qualification of prestige and has a history of producing quality specialists in the corporate finance field. Companies such as Deloitte and Grant Thornton have stated that the qualification is key to both their own training systems and that it is something they see as a seal of assurance when hiring.

5) Combination of Providers

The new qualification has been put together by a combination of the relevant people at the ICAEW and the CISI, meaning that there is the expertise of two separate organisations in the mix, which can only mean the course is more flexible and relevant to the industry as a whole.