5 Reasons To Take the IMC

The Investment Management Certificate is a foundation level qualification offering a route into the investment banking scene and an introduction to chartered financial analysis. But why’s it worth doing it?

1) Steps on the Ladder

The IMC is an introductory certificate that provides fundamental knowledge of investment management and chartered finance, and is seen as a hugely creditable introduction to the more advanced CFA qualification. If you’re new to the industry and are looking for a route in, the IMC is your go-to qualification.

2) Financial Cost

For a finance qualification, the actual examinations of the course will set you back just under £500, which is extremely good value for the status that the qualification holds. It’s not cheap, but it’s good bang for your buck.

3) Providers

Like its bigger brother, the CFA, the providers that offer the training for the IMC are all extremely reputable companies (such as BPP and Kaplan) and their accreditation and training alongside your certification adds further value to your CV.

4) Learning the Lingo

Perhaps one of the hardest elements of the financial world is learning to converse in the same tongue as everybody else – it’s like learning a new language! Whilst our handy jargon buster tool is a great start, the IMC is a way to step this up to becoming fluent in finance.

5) Pass Assurance

In a first offered by BPP, the option to retake an exam for a free if you fail the first time offers a welcome safety net. There are obviously stipulations associated with this and the way in which you learn, but it’s nice to have some financial support offered in case something goes wrong at any point.