5 Reasons To Undertake the CFA Charter

The merits of the CFA Charter as opposed to an MBA qualification have been widely debated, but at the end of the day, it’s a personal preference. Here are 5 reasons why the CFA might be a better choice for you!

1) Affordable

The cost of doing a CFA charter ranges from £2,000 to around £7,500, depending on how many exams you do and what kind of study path you pursue. As professional finance costs go, that’s still reasonably cheap, especially when compared to similar qualifications, and it will almost certainly be gained back over the course of time.

2) Global Recognition

The charter is one of the most recognised professional financial qualifications in the world, and its hold in consistent in different continental markets, making it extremely versatile. There are over 100,000 holders of the charter working in 130 countries, so you’ll be in good company wherever you go!

3) Boosting Employment Prospects

Whilst the charter is quick to stress that nothing guarantees you a job, having it on your CV is a huge boost to your financial credentials and therefore puts you in a much better position to secure any jobs with your interview skills – it sets you up well for you to secure the deal.

4) Boosting Earning Potential

A survey has suggested that, on average, charter holders earn up to 50% more than their non-charter holding counterparts, which is one of the highest wage jumps out of any qualification.

5) Difficult

How is that a reason, you ask? Well, it’s simple. The CFA Charter is well known for being one of the most difficult and time-consuming qualifications, so it goes without saying that those holding it are seen with real prestige. Your knowledge and expertise will be based on solid ground, and you’ll be seen as someone in the industry who is qualified and knows what they’re talking about.