The AAT is your route one to becoming an accounting technician. If vocational accounting seems like your cup of tea, you’re in the right place! Read on to learn everything there is to know about the AAT.

What’s the AAT?

The AAT Accounting Qualification is one of the UK’s leading qualifications for vocational accountants, and gives them the skills needed to become an accounting technician, which is kind of like an accountancy and finance all-rounder, often employed by small businesses.

The AAT is the qualification of the Association of Accounting Technician. The Association awards around 90% of all vocational qualifications in accounting, and therefore members are part of an extensive network of like-minded people.

What will it involve and what will it enable me to do?

The qualification is made up of three individual tiers, the Introductory Certificate, the Intermediate Diploma and the Advanced Diploma. Each of these tiers is an individual qualification in itself, and they combine practical skills with up-to-date industry knowhow to keep the AAT relevant and useful!

The Introductory Certificate prepares the candidate for junior and entry level accounting roles, giving them a foundation in finance administration. It will take between six and twelve months to complete, depending on how it is completed and who is providing the training.

The Intermediate Diploma offers the candidate the tools to master more complex financial processes, including accounts for traders, costs and revenues, as well as professional ethics for the workplace. This means it is of interest to anyone who wants a career in bookkeeping, and a key stepping-stone to anyone who is looking to become a fully qualified accountant. Again, this will take between six and twelve months depending on other factors.

Finally, the Advanced Diploma is the final part of the qualification. It takes between nine and eighteen months to complete, but it gives you the skills you need to become a financial team leader or even set up your own accountancy practice. This part of the AAT allows you to hone your skills with specialisms including auditing, credit control and business tax specifics. Once you have completed this part, you’ll automatically become an affiliate member of the Association, and once you have gained the relevant industry experience you will be eligible for full professional membership.

How can I get the AAT?

The AAT is an extremely flexible course, which allows you to learn in either a classroom environment or as online study, meaning it can be done full-time or part-time, or even as part of an apprenticeship programme! Some companies will even foot the bill for your training, so if this qualification seems right for you, it might be worth exploring your options in that regard!