Business Course Tuition Fees

Decided you want to get stuck into business and finance straight away with a business course at university? One of the next things you need to tackle is everybody’s favourite topic: tuition fees!

Before you get down to controlling some big budgets, advising people on how to save and grow their own money, or even managing it for them, first things first you need to get to grip with your own finances. So how much is a business course in the UK going to cost you?

Business course tuition fees in the UK

If you are a home student an undergraduate degree course in a business-related subject will cost £9,000 per year if you begin your course in the 2014/15 academic year. (According to hotly debated recent changes in tuition fees, universities can currently charge up to £9,000 for their undergraduate courses, and you won’t find very many that choose to set their fees at less than that!)

If your chosen course includes a year in industry then the fees for that particular year will be reduced. The cost is set at around £800 to £1,500 as a rough guide, but each university will differ slightly on this.

How will I pay for that?!

£9,000 a year sounds steep to say the least! However there are ways to manage the costs. Home students can apply for a Student Loan from the government which will cover fees during studies. It’s paid back in instalments after you have graduated and earning a salary above a specified threshold – currently set at over £21,000 for students starting studies in 2014.

There are also further opportunities for funding in the form of scholarships and bursaries offered by business schools. These are awarded to prospective students for a number of reasons – perhaps for exceptional academic performance or as financial support for students with disabilities or serious financial difficulties. Awards usually provide a contribution to the tuition fees costs or financial support for some living, travel or study costs. It’s worth checking out the website of your prospective universities to spot any scholarships you could be eligible to apply for.

Sponsored Degree Programmes

Here’s a third option for tuition fees coverage! Sponsored Degree Programmes are run by some of the country’s biggest employers in the business and finance industry. These schemes allow you to combine your studies with paid work experience for your employer – and they will pay for the fees! Joy! You can find out more in the Sponsored Degree Programme section.

Business course tuition fees for international students

EU students generally pay the same as home student as long as they meet the eligibility requirements set out by the university. In some circumstances it’s possible for EU students to apply for financial support if they are studying in Northern Ireland, England or Wales. If you’re an EU student you can get in touch with your prospective universities to find out more. There will also be scholarships and bursaries on offer to apply for!

If you’re an overseas student the tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the UK will cost more. A business-related undergraduate degree will cost around £13,000 to £15,000. But don’t worry! UK universities do offer scholarship programmes to help with these costs, so there will be a way!

If you’d like to know more about scholarship opportunities, head on over to the Scholarships for Finance Courses article.