What’s the CFQ?

CFQ refers to a number of corporate finance qualifications run by the ICAEW and CISI in partnership. There are several different levels of CF (Corporate Finance) certificates and diplomas to sit varying levels of experience. The crowning jewel in this type of professional qualification is the CF qualification, which consolidates the knowledge and experience of leading experts in corporate finance.

What will it involve?

The Certificate in Corporate Finance covers two units on corporate finance regulation and corporate finance technical foundations.  The Diploma in Corporate Finance, which is open to ICAEW accountants and Certificate in Corporate Finance holders, is more about the development of skills.

The CF qualification is granted to applicants as long as they have obtained the Diploma in Corporate Finance and can demonstrate that they have achieved certain milestones whilst working in the corporate finance field. You can find out more from the ICAEW website.

What will it enable me to do?

It partly depends on the level of qualification you are at! At the initial stages, such as the Certificate in Corporate Finance or the Diploma in Corporate Finance, you can widen your knowledge of corporate finance and hone your skills within the field as your experience also grows. This could help to propel your career to the more senior levels.

The CF qualification is a way of helping the corporate finance specialists at the top of their game to denote their success, gain recognition as a corporate finance professional, and therefore open up more opportunities for career development and salary increases.

How do I get the CFQ?

CF programmes could form part of a professional development programme if you are already in a corporate finance role, so they could fit in nicely around your work. It’s probably a good idea to have at least some experience of corporate finance before embarking on these programmes if you choose to study independently and pay for yourself.