Feel like fighting crime and catching the bad guys? Well you’re in the wrong place – I think that’s CSI that you’re thinking of. But if its the investment industry you’re interested in then look no further! The CISI might be just what you need to spice up your career…

What is CISI?

CISI is the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment. With 40,000 members in 110 countries, it is the largest professional body for people working in the securities and investment industry.

It provides a huge range of qualifications to its members, at three different levels: foundation, qualifying, advanced and professional. CISI offers qualifications in the following four core areas:

  • Wealth/Retail
  • Compliance/Risk
  • Operations
  • Capital Markets.


Qualifications in Wealth/Retail are generally for those people working in wealth management. They’re all about helping wealth managers and advisers give the best possible advice to their private clients on where they should be investing their money.

The qualifications available in this area are:

  • International Certificate in Wealth and Investment Management
  • International Certificate in Wealth Management
  • Investment Advice Diploma
  • Private Client Advice unit
  • Certificate in Private Client Investment Advice and Management
  • CISI Masters in Wealth Management


Qualifications in Risk/Compliance can be useful for a number of professionals, including risk and compliance teams, branch management, corporate lawyers, finance officers – so basically anyone who might need to have a deeper understanding of the laws, rules,  regulations and risks affecting the financial services industry.

The qualifications available in this area are:

  • Global Financial Compliance
  • Risk in Financial Services
  • Combating Financial Crime
  • Diploma in Investment Compliance


Qualifications in Operations are aimed at enhancing the skills of individuals working in the administrative areas of the financial services industry, so that they can create the highest level of efficiency possible within the businesses that they work in.

The qualifications available in this area are:

  • Investment Operations Certificate (IOC)
  • IT in Investment Operations
  • Managing Operational Risks in Financial Institutions
  • Advanced Certificate in Global Securities Operations
  • Advanced Certificate in Operational Risk
  • Diploma in Investment Operations

Capital Markets

Qualifications in Capital Markets are for those people working directly in, well, capital markets! By capital markets we mean markets involved in buying and selling stocks and bonds. As such, these qualifications are useful for professionals including investment bankers, managers, advisers and analysts.

The qualifications available in this area are:

  • Capital Markets Programme
  • Investment Management
  • Certificate in Corporate Finance
  • CISI Diploma
  • Diploma in Corporate Finance

As you can see, CISI has the investment and securities industry pretty much covered! Any of the above qualifications will boost your credentials, giving your CV that edge to get you to the next step in your career.

You can find out more about CISI and the above qualifications here.