How to Research Banking Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships in the Banking sector are growing all the time, but something that is worth noting if this seems like the route for you is that the retail banking sector is where apprenticeships are most visible and most accessible. A Barclays study recently found that currently 2.2% of all the whole banking industry are apprenticeships, so that’s a big reason to be cheerful. That’s 56,000 apprentices contributing £562 million to UK productivity every single year, and you could be next.

What you should remember when researching these apprenticeships is to keep your options open and have a major look around before you start applying – even if the first place you stumble across seems like the perfect scheme for you, there might be other options available that are even more appealing and you should be looking for what suits you best!

On our AllAboutSchoolLeavers site, there’s a host of Apprenticeships for all sorts of industries, including those in the Finance industry, so we’d suggest going to have a look over there for the finest Apprenticeship advice going.

Remember though, to choose a selection of companies that offer schemes that interest you – don’t choose based on purely reputation or wages – you should enjoy doing what you’re doing to get the best out of it and to succeed! Find out what appeals to you about these schemes and use it to find other related things in the finance industry – often people find their dream career by looking around and having new experiences. Cast your net far and wide, look at everything, find  out more detail about those that interest you and apply for a select few that you’re most excited about, and you’ll be on your way to an apprenticeship in the banking sector in no time!