The MBA is the big daddy of finance qualifications, the behemoth of industry standard. It’s expensive though, like, really expensive. But is it worth it? Here’s five reasons why it could be for you:

1) University

You can study the MBA at almost every top University in the UK, and even the world. There’s a prestige that comes with every MBA, but any qualification from the likes of Oxford, Cambridge, Durham or London is not easily ignored, and you could even take things international – Harvard, Yale and MIT all offer the course as well.

2) Versatility

This is where the MBA has an advantage on almost all other qualifications – an MBA is a great qualification to have whatever industry you want to go into – its scope and range are unmatched by any other three letters you can put after your name!

3) Expense

This is perhaps a debatable one, but it’s been heard around the industry before that those people who are willing to shell out for an MBA are the ones willing to do whatever they need to in order to get to the top. Take from that what you will, but shouldering the sheer financial burden of the MBA shows that you’re serious about getting ahead in the industry.

4) Networking

There’s a huge MBA network at Universities across the world, which means you’ll be rubbing shoulders with some of the foremost financially minded students wherever you study. Being in this environment that is challenging and competitive not only boosts you on to working even harder, but you’ll make connections that will last throughout your career in business or finance.

5) Salary Potential

Research has shown that MBA graduates tend to simply earn more money than those without. In fact, MBA graduate salaries tend to range between the £70,000 and £120,000 marks, on average, almost doubling the ‘ordinary’ financial industry salaries. That’s a whole lot of potential money, and a sure fire way of making the big investment worth it.