What is ACCA?

If accountancy is your industry of choice, you’ll have to be aware of the ACCA qualification. But what is ACCA?

Completion of the ACCA exams will allow you to become a member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants. Study for this professional qualification is often a fundamental element of a school leaver programme, Higher Apprenticeship or graduate programme with an accountancy or professional services firm.

Here are five top facts you need to know about the ACCA:

  1. This professional qualification usually takes around three or four years to complete and will qualify you as a professional accountant.
  2. The ACCA qualification is recognised globally. Pretty useful if you’re thinking of spending some time working in another country or two as part of your career!
  3. Throughout the course of study for the ACCA, you’ll pick up both financial and management accounting skills. This give you the flexibility to work within any sector and in a variety of roles within the accountancy profession.
  4. A degree accredited by the ACCA could mean that are exempt from having to take some of the exams that make up the full ACCA Qualification. So if you head into study for the qualification after university, you could qualify in a shorter amount on time. However, if you’re studying for this professional qualification as part of a school leaver programme or Higher Apprenticeship, you’ll have a head start in qualification as you’ll begin taking the exams before graduates.
  5. Practical experience is a mandatory part of the ACCA Qualification. Although you’re able to start studying for the qualification independently if you choose, bear in mind that you will have to provide evidence of on-the-job learning too before you can fully qualify.