What is CFA?

CFA stands for ‘Chartered Financial Analyst’. This is a professional qualification that’s tailored towards the high fliers in the investment industry. It’s an industry benchmark for skills and integrity in practice.

The professional body that offers the qualification is the CFA Institute. There are various levels of membership depending on the amount of professional experience you’ve had and which levels of the CFA qualification you’ve passed. For regular membership you’ll need to have a minimum of four years’ relevant professional work experience and CFA Level 1.

Here are five top facts you need to know about the CFA:

  1. The CFA qualification is a popular choice for professionals in banking, asset management and financial analysis.
  2. You need to have a degree or have sufficient relevant professional experience in order to qualify for CFA study. This means that it currently won’t form part of a school leaver programme or apprenticeship.
  3. The CFA qualification is the equivalent of a Master’s degree. It’s split into three levels, incremental in levels of complexity. Each level requires around 300 hours of study…
  4. It’s possible to join a CFA study group to help you get the most of your study time, as the majority of the course is independent study. Training courses are also on offer, and could well be funded by your employer along with the cost of your exams.
  5. There is a highly technical focus in the CFA; quantitative skills feature heavily.