Does Circle K take Google Pay?

It’s normal when going to Circle K gas stations to wonder what payment methods they accept. Even more so when we leave home without a planned stop to refill our gas tank.

So if you too have been like many others who leave home without cash or cards to pay for gas, don’t worry, as Circle K does accept Google Pay contactless payment as one of its payment methods.

Circle K does accept Google Pay

Unlike other gas stations, Circle K does accept Google’s digital payment platform among its payment methods. So if you are a user of this website you can easily use it to purchase gas at any of Circle K’s stations.

This is thanks to the update of the Circle K pin pads with the implementation of the NFC system that allows the scanning necessary to perform Google Pay transactions. An upgrade that was made in 2016 when Circle K partnered with Google.

circle k GOOGLE

Therefore, paying for gas with Google Pay is not only possible but so is the purchase of the varieties of snacks sold at Circle K. Making this gas station the perfect solution for when you’re out without cards or cash and need to make a quick purchase.

How to pay at Circle K with Google Pay?

Being in partnership with Google, buying gas at Circle K gas stations with Google Pay as a payment method is a simple process. In fact, from the same Google app you have the possibility to choose the nearest gas station among the options and it will be marked in the GPS.

Once you are at the Circle K branch, you can carry out the process from the same Google Pay app. Just go to the “Get gas” section where you will find among your linked payment methods the ideal one to pay the pump where you are charging gas.

In the case of purchases at the cash register, you will have to scan your phone, tablet, or smartwatch from the pin pad at the cash register. Where you will be automatically charged the amount to be paid and you will confirm the transaction from your device once you have finished the verification of the movement.

Not having cards will never be a problem again

The digitization of payment at Circle K will not only save you time for the transaction but will also save you the trouble of carrying physical cards with you. With Google Pay, paying for gas has never been easier, with just a few clicks you can have a full tank of gas without any problems.

To add to the convenience, this is an entirely free procedure, since Google Pay does not charge usage fees and much less in places linked to them as Circle K. So Google Pay can be a real lifesaver when you run out of gas and need to fill the tank.

Few gas stations have dared to take the step towards digitalization as Circle K has done. So by using this payment method you are stepping into a new era that is increasingly positioning itself over the classic debit or credit cards.

What happens if “Pay for gas” does not work for me?

It is known that Google Pay could remove the Pay For Gas feature at any time, but this does not mean that in such a case the payment method will no longer be allowed. Even if Google decides to remove this feature, its partnership with Circle K will remain in place at least for a while longer.

So to confirm that you can make these payments or in the case that the application does not allow you to do so, the solution is simple. You just have to check whether you find the sticker that identifies Google Pay on the pump.

This characteristic sticker can be found right where the NFC scanner is located or near this location. Remember that the NFC scanner is located where the credit card would be.

If Google removes the “Pay For Gas” feature you will still be able to cancel at checkout

Likewise, as is the case with necessities or snack purchases, you always have the option of paying for gas at the cash register. This becomes a bit more tedious than usual, as you will have to go to the cash register, but it is considered a solution to this inconvenience.