Does Costco take Google Pay?

Despite being one of the preferred payment methods by users, Google Pay is still not accepted everywhere to make purchases. This is somewhat strange considering the facilities provided by this physical cashless and contactless system to make purchases.

So, despite it being annoying, it is totally normal that many places have not yet taken the step to incorporate this digital wallet. If you’re here, it’s because you’re wondering if the Costco market chain accepts this payment method. Read on and you will find an answer to your question.

Costco now accepts Google Pay!

The Costco membership grocery chain does accept Google Pay among its payment methods at each of its locations across the country. So, if you’re a Google Pay user and a Costco member, don’t hesitate to make use of this method at your next shopping appointment at the retail market chain.

Sadly, this payment method is only accepted at Costco’s in-store locations, so you won’t be able to use it at their Gas Station or their car wash. Likewise, this will depend on whether the station has updated the pinpad to support NFC technology.

Similarly, with, Costco’s online service does not yet feature Google Pay among its payment methods. So, if your idea is to pay with Google Pay, you will have to go to the store yourself to make the purchase.

Costco International

In the case of Costco’s international locations, whether they accept Google Pay will depend on whether their pinpads are up-to-date. Users have even reported that Costco international gas stations do accept Google Pay as payment.

If you are a Costco member and are looking to shop at one of their international locations, it is best to ask if they accept Google Pay. Don’t be surprised if it is not accepted due to a lack of an update on their pinpad.

How to shop at Costco with Google Pay?

As long as you have set up Google Pay on your mobile device or smartwatch, this will be a simple process. Nothing different from the normal ways of making payments with Google Pay.

Once you have your products and head to the checkout you will only have to bring your mobile device close to the NFC scanner that is usually located where the credit card would normally go. This is an automated process and you will only have to pay attention to the signal that your cell phone will give you and the pin or signature confirmation.

costco google pay

In the same way, the process will be the same in case you want to cancel your smartwatch. Only here the purchase confirmation notice will appear at the cash register. In the same way, you will probably be asked for a pin or signature confirmation.

Costco, a leap into digital-first technology since 2018

Costco was one of the first big retail markets to make the leap to digital-first wallet technology. In 2018 they made the announcement of giving users the ability to pay with these methods at each of their locations. Although to date they do not accept these payments via the website.

Google Pay is not the only electronic method accepted at Costco, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are also accepted. These payment methods are secure alternatives offered by mobile companies so that their users can ride on this new trend.

So it can be said that the retail marketplace company based on its partner system has been giving support to contactless technology for years now. Offering its users the ability to acquire their purchases through safer and faster payment methods, avoiding the formation of long lines.

Let the customer enjoy shopping

Costco has a mission to sell a shopping experience and the decision to accept Google Pay and digital wallets is nothing more than looking to stick with it. This is by making it easier for users to shop the way they want to shop.

Why worry when your phone can make payments for you? When you cancel with Google Pay at Costco you’ll be able to quickly take your mind off payment methods and focus on your shopping. Making the most of the shopping experience offered for members and their loved ones.