Does Dollar General accept Google Pay?

Google Pay is increasingly taking over the world of payments. It is totally normal that if you are a user of the platform, you ask the question “Do they accept Google Pay here?” at every place you go to. this is because of the ease of making this type of contactless payment. So it would not be strange if this payment method is accepted at Dollar General.

Do they accept Google Pay at Dollar General?

The Dollar General variety store chain has become a key player in the life of each of its users. So being a store that grows and evolves along with its customers, Dollar General does accept Google Pay among its payment methods.

This is thanks to the update of its self-checkout boxes, which have upgraded to the NFC technology used by Google Pay to carry out the purchase process. Therefore, if you are more partial to digital payment, Dollar general can be your variety store of choice.

Only at the self-checkout booths

One point to note is that Google Pay is only accepted at Dollar General through its self-checkout booths. This is to facilitate the purchase and avoid creating long lines, in addition to offering the user a form of purchase without direct contact.

So you have to keep in mind that if the Dollar General branch you happen to go to does not have self-checkout, you will not be able to use Google Pay. Likewise, Google Pay has not been enabled at traditional checkouts either.

Therefore, make sure that the Dollar General you go to has a self-checkout service whenever you intend to pay with Google Pay. Also, it never hurts to ask if the checkout counters have NFC technology built in, as this is being installed in many businesses.

It is not possible to pay with Google Pay for online purchases

It should be clarified that the Google Pay payment service is not yet available on the Dollar General website. Keeping self-checkout as the last option in case you want to make payments with this method.

How do I use Google Pay to shop at Dollar General?

This is a simple process as long as you have your Google Pay account set up to make payments. The whole process itself will depend on whether you would like to pay from your mobile device or your smartwatch.

If you would like to pay with your mobile app, you just need to go to the self-checkout and proceed with the billing as normal. Once you would like to proceed with the payment you will have to bring your phone close to the NFC reader. The NFC reader will take care of the payment, only asking for a PIN or signature on certain occasions as with debit or credit cards.

In case the payment is made through a smartwatch, you will have to carry out a very similar process. Bring it close to the NFC scanner of the self-checkout when you are about to make the payment. Once this is done, the watch will beep when the payment has been processed. Similarly to the method above, a signature or PIN may be required.

Benefits of shopping with Google Pay at Dollar General

Google Pay has become part of the lives of 4 out of 10 Americans. So it is becoming common for places like Dollar General to implement this form of payment. In a world where people trust banks less and less, the benefits that Google Pay offers make the platform more and more popular as time goes on.

No collection fees

It is usual that when paying with cards at Dollar General, taxes and fees for the use of the card represent an economic impact. By using Google Pay you will not have to worry about this since unlike banks you will not be charged for the transactions.

The flexibility of a payment system

With Google Pay, you will save the time you would have spent in Dollar General lines, with a transaction that will be easy and fast to make your payment. Self-checkout has never been so easy, with a few seconds of placing your phone or smartwatch on the censor you will have already paid.

Virtual payment receipt

With Google Pay, you get a data controller for each of the expenses you execute. In addition, this data is not shared with the store, so you don’t have to worry about Dollar General keeping your shopping preferences.

Pay fast

Google Pay and its fast payment system will save you from having to wait for the cash register to accept your bills or read your card for some reason. So you’ll have the ease of quickly purchasing your Dollar General needs and get back to your daily life without any more stress.