Does Dollar Tree take Google Pay?

The contactless payment system is taking over the world and there is no doubt about it. More and more establishments are deciding to take the leap toward this technology because of its speed and security when making payments.

Likewise, for businesses it does not mean economic losses due to payment fees, so starting to receive this method is considered an investment in the customer. Cases like that of convenience stores like Dollar Tree are becoming more common,  where there is a possibility to accelerate the purchase process with contactless methods such as Google Pay.

Does Dollar Tree accept Google Pay?

Yes, Dollar Tree accepts Google Pay at each of its locations as long as the NFC reader (required to receive this payment) is activated. So it is recommended to verify with the cashier if you intend to use this contactless payment method.

dollar tree google

This decision was taken in 2020 when Dollar Tree took the step to use contactless payment systems to facilitate payment possibilities for its customers. This is due to the recent growth of this payment method.

So, if you head to Dollar Tree and realize you forgot your card, don’t turn back, as you have the possibility to buy with the Google Pay contactless method. Likewise, if you haven’t yet made the leap to this technology, we encourage you to give it a try, there’s nothing to lose by trying this fast and secure method.

How to buy with Google Play at Dollar Tree?

If you have never paid with Google Pay, let us explain a bit about this simple process to make your payments. At Dollar Tree, you follow the same steps as at other places that receive Google Pay, all starting from the checkout once you have the desired products at hand.

Once your items have been billed at checkout, you will need to bring your mobile device (either cell phone or smartwatch) close to the NFC sensor at checkout. This sensor is usually located next to where the credit card would go.

When you do this, you will have to wait a few seconds for the Google Pay contactless payment system to validate your transaction. Validation that you will be able to follow on the Dollar Tree checkout screens, where a sequence of green dots is shown representing the process carried out.

Payment validation

Depending on the Google Pay linked card you have chosen as your payment method, an on-screen validation will be presented or not. This may appear on your cell phone or at the cash register depending on the device from which you have made the payment.

This validation will ask for either the PIN or password linked to your card or the signature you have affiliated with the account. Everything will depend on the amount spent and the rules of your debit or credit card company.

What other contactless payment methods are accepted at Dollar Tree?

In 2020, Dollar Tree decided to take a full step towards digitalization by embracing contactless payment methods among its available options. Seeking to facilitate the purchase process and give the user the possibility to finish their purchase the way they want.

So not only is Google Pay a valid payment method at Dollar Tree, but also Apple Pay. Belonging to the Apple company, which is aimed at iPhone users and has also gained much fame recently.

The same case happens in Family Dollar, a secondary company of the same owners as the Dollar Tree chain. Where these digitized, fast and secure payment methods are also welcomed.

Why should I use these payment methods?

Contactless payment methods are variables that seek to put the user’s security first by avoiding the transmission of your purchase data. Therefore, if you make use of these methods, you should not worry about your data being linked to the company.

Likewise, Google Pay and Apple Pay seek to accelerate the purchasing process by replacing physical cards. Eliminating their involvement in the purchase process and acting as a direct intermediary with your bank.

Currently, there are no fees for using this methodology. So you don’t have to worry about having to pay extra for the ease of making your purchase quickly and securely.