Does Home Depot accept Google Pay?

Undoubtedly, with technological advances, digital wallets have become a more than valid option when thinking about payment methods. So every time we hear that someplace does not accept them, we are surprised and, in a lot of cases, inconvenienced, as more and more people are joining these trends.

If you are here you are wondering if in the case of Home Depot, they accept Google Pay as a payment method or not. So let us tell you that the short answer is “no”, Home Depot does not accept Google Pay among their payment methods. Here are the reasons why.

Why doesn’t Home Depot accept Google Pay?

It is surprising to hear that Home Depot does not accept Google Pay among its payment methods. Even more so, considering that one of Home Depot’s hallmarks is its ability to innovate and allow users access to groundbreaking technology.

So the fact that it has not yet implemented a payment method that makes the purchasing process so much easier for the customer is, to say the least, strange. But there is a clear reason for this, and that is the fact that many Home Depot pinpads have not been upgraded to NFC technology.

It is worth remembering that payments through Google Pay are given in a contactless format thanks to the use of this technology. Virtual cards that are read thanks to the NFC technology of the new pinpads. This is combined with the fact that in 2022 there is still no contract between Google and Home Depot validating the use of Google Pay.

Can I pay with Google Pay for online purchases at Home Depot?

Paying online with Google Pay when shopping on the Home Depot website is also not an option, as the website also does not offer Google Pay as a valid payment method when making your purchase. So it is clear that not updating the pinpads is not the only reason.

Contract with PayPal

Having clarified that the non-updating of the pinpads is not the only reason, we have to consider something vital. Perhaps the main reason why Google Pay has never been accepted at Home Depot locations is PayPal.

Although at one point Home Depot received Apple Pay in some of its branches, this digital wallet was later removed from its payment methods. This is because Home Depot recently signed a lucrative contract with PayPal, where the company is placed as its digital payment provider.

Therefore, the company took over digital payments to Home Depot with its instant transfers by scanning a QR code. So Google Pay, despite being chosen by 4 out of 10 Americans, will have to wait for its turn at Home Depot.

Ability to pay online

In the same way, users also have the possibility to make online purchases with PayPal. This is through the use of PayPal cards, a process that is easily explained when making a purchase from the Home Depot website.

PayPal does not use NFC technology

Despite all the fuss, PayPal does not make use of NFC technology when making payments. So it is likely that this is the reason why many Home Depot pinpads have never been updated to work with this technology.

To make PayPal transactions you will need to use the QR code scanner on your cell phone. This code is usually found at checkout and will accelerate the payment process as much as a contactless method would.

Alternatives to Home Depot that do accept Google Pay

If paying with Google Pay is your intention, either because you only have funds there, or because you want to support the digital wallet, you will find other options that do accept it. In fact, more and more places are accepting Google Pay as a payment method, so it’s likely that by the time you’re reading this someone else will have joined the list.

Among the places similar to Home Depot that do accept Google Pay, you’ll find: IKEA, ALDI, Best Buy, Kohls, and Target. So, if paying with Google Pay is your only option, don’t hesitate to head to one of these sites or another retailer.