Does Lowes accept Google Pay?

Retail stores are rapidly adapting to the contactless payment methods that have been innovating among users for years. More and more users are considering whether Google Pay is accepted among their payment methods as a deciding factor on whether or not to shop at a specific place.

If you are reading this is because you are wondering if they accept Google Pay in Lowe’s, the chain of retail distributors for building materials and home reconstruction. So below we’ll give you an answer to your question.

Lowe’s and its Google Pay Policy

The second largest home construction retailer after Home Depot, Lowe’s, does not currently accept Google Pay among its payment methods. This is neither in any of its stores nor on its website, so as a Google Pay user, you will have to find another payment method that suits you.

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In fact, the company has no plans to implement this payment method in the near future. This is given that they are rooted in classic payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, and cash.

On the other hand, they do accept Samsung Pay, the Korean phone company’s signature payment method. Unlike Google Pay, it does not use NFC technology, which is vital for contactless payments.

Why don’t they accept Google Pay at Lowe’s?

The only reason found for Lowe’s constant refusal to accept Google Pay among its payment methods is the failure to update its pinpads. Without the required updates it is impossible to make use of the key NFC system for Google Pay. This is because this system is responsible for scanning the mobile device that will make the payment.

In the same way, it should be noted that Google Pay is not the only payment method that is affected by this refusal. Apple Pay is also not accepted as a payment method at Lowe’s due to the lack of updates in its payment system.

Likewise, it is impossible to know why the company has no plans to update its payment methods. Why Google Pay has not even been implemented on purchases from the website is still unknown.

If they don’t accept Google Pay or Apple Pay… what payment methods do they accept?

If you’re a Google Pay or Apple Pay user, you’re probably resigned to the fact that your preferred payment method is not accepted. So you’re most likely wondering what other payment methods are available at Lowe’s.

Among the payment methods accepted at Lowe’s, you can find Lowe’s gift card, check, cash, PayPal, or credit card. Tour personal debit cards will also be received among the payment methods.

In any case, Samsung Pay is accepted as a payment method, since the digital format of the South Korean company does not make use of the NFC system. Rather, it uses the magnetic stripe that Lowe’s ATMs do have.

Although anyway many users have reported that paying with Samsung Pay is usually more of a problem than a solution at Lowe’s. This is given that it is rare that the magnetic stripe reads your device.

Why should Lowe’s accept Google Pay?

There is no doubt that digitized contactless payment methods have an impressive positioning according to users. It is becoming more and more common for people to decide to leave physical cards behind and venture into payment with mobile applications such as Google Pay or Apple Pay.

The fact that Lowe’s has not yet taken the step to update its payment systems to receive payments with NFC technology is striking, to say the least. So it would not be strange if, in the future times, they regret their decision and decide to upgrade their systems.

It is clear that physical cards are being left aside and the evolution of these is contactless payment methods. Undoubtedly, users want to feel safer and more secure, so it is normal for stores to join this trend and look for what the user finds more comfortable.

Partnership with PayPal

Lowe’s rival company Home Depot has a partnership with PayPal as a digital payment method. This is an adequate alternative for those who want a digitized and secure transaction.

Although the problem with these transactions is that they must be done through the website only. You can’t make PayPal payments from the Lowe’s in-store location.