Does Wendy’s take Google Pay?

The fast food chain from Columbus, Ohio has not stopped expanding since its opening in 1969. So it is normal that, if you are a customer at Wendy’s, you’re curious about the payment methods they receive at each of their locations.

Even more so when new digital wallets that seek to make the purchase process faster, easier, and safer are constantly appearing. Such is the case of Google Pay, which since its launch in 2012 has established itself as the preferred payment method for millions of Americans. But… Is it accepted at Wendy’s?

The sad news from Wendy’s about Google Pay

Currently, at its U.S. locations, the franchise does not welcome Google Pay as a payment method. This is for any style of purchase, either by checkout, self-service, or in-app purchases. So if you are a Wendy’s customer you will not be able to cancel with Google Pay.

Despite being one of the most recognized fast food restaurants with more than 5,000 locations, the company has not yet taken the step to digitize its payments. Therefore, Google Pay users will have to resort to one of its other payment methods.

The list of Wendy’s payment methods consists of Wendy’s gift cards, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and cash. You can also make purchases through the Wendy’s app.

Does Wendy’saccept other digital wallets

The answer is no. No other types of digital wallets are accepted at Wendy’s at the time of this writing. So Apple Pay or PayPal are also not available options.

Possibility of this payment method being added soon

In any case, Wendy’s is expected to update its payment methods soon and start receiving Google Pay and other digital wallets as an option. Thus becoming one of the few fast-food chains to receive this payment method.

Likewise, everything will depend on the update of the pin pads in each of its locations. Therefore, it never hurts to ask at Wendy’s locations about your preferred method.

Internet users reported that throughout the year 2021, pin pads with the NFC technology needed for contactless purchases will be available at several Wendy’s locations. So if you ask at the time of your purchase, you could be lucky and find they already receive this payment method.

There is no contract between Wendy’s and Google

Another point to note is that there is currently no agreement between Google and Wendy’s to facilitate the use of Google Pay. So for this payment method to be accepted there must first be an arrangement between the two companies.

So rather than being part of a boycott of digital payment wallets, it could easily be a rights issue that leads to Wendy’s not accepting them.

Wendy’s does not collect purchase information

The main reason many people make the leap to contactless shopping wallets is the fear of data theft. Leaking purchase information is another reason, so it’s worth clarifying that Wendy’s does not keep your purchase information.

In fact, Wendy’s points of sale are encrypted, so the purchase information when making a card payment only remains in the hands of the card administrator.

Likewise, in the case of purchases through the website, none of the information is collected by the fast food company. So, if your fear is that they will keep your data, in the case of Wendy’s there is nothing to fear, as they do not do this.

Other fast-food companies that do accept Google Pay

Undoubtedly the fast food market is one of the most competitive, where each company wants to have a point that differentiates them from others. In the case of Wendy’s, they do not fully accept Google Pay, but there are other fast food options that do.

Among the direct competitors to Wendy’s that you will find that do accept Google Pay are: Burger King, KFC, Whataburger, and Subway, among others. So, if Google Pay is your only option as a payment method, you can easily choose to go to one of the other similar options.

In the same way, McDonald’s, one of the main fast food companies, did not receive Google Pay, not unlike Wendy’s. However, it recently decided to make the leap to this technology, beginning to accept the payment method at each of its branches and for purchases through its website and app.