Google Pay is accepted in casinos?

The digital payment platform Google Pay has done nothing but grow since its launch in 2011. It has become one of the preferred payment methods for users throughout the United States due to the ease with which they can make payments.

Accepted almost everywhere and preferred over other classic payment options, Google Pay users take advantage of all its virtues without any problem making payments. This leads to the question that gives rise to this article… Would it be possible to pay bets in casinos with Google Pay?

Would it be possible to pay at casinos with Google Pay?

The short answer is “no” currently, online casinos in the United States cannot receive payments via Google Pay. It will sound strange when we see that Google Pay has more than 100 million users worldwide and is growing all the time, but there are reasons.

Google Pay clarifies in its policy for the United States that it is strictly forbidden to use its payment system to execute transactions for gambling purposes. This is to prohibit any legal inconvenience with the transfer of this money.

In the same way, United States law prohibits online casinos based in the country from receiving money through this payment method. Something that differs from other countries where it is possible to carry out these payments legally.

Possibility of paying casinos with Google Pay from abroad

Although this payment method is not available in the U.S., this does not impede casinos based abroad from making use of Google Pay. In fact, on an international level, casinos that receive payment by Google Pay are becoming very common.

This is thanks to the transactions’ high security and zero transaction fees. This makes Google Pay a preferred option for those who want to feel secure when making payments to online casinos.

Therefore, gamblers worldwide can make and collect their payments with cards linked to Google Pay. Without any legal problem, unlike what happened in the U.S.

How can I use my Google Pay money in casinos?

Being a Google Pay user does not prevent you from making and receiving payments to casinos with your balance. You will only have to follow a slightly more tedious process using intermediaries such as your bank.

Transfer your Google Pay funds

Combining Google Pay with your debit card or bank account is a good option for using the funds in this digital wallet in casinos. You can make transfers to your bank or your card and, with this procedure with, direct payment to the casino.

Likewise, another option that stands out is CashApp, where you can transfer your bankroll and make direct payments to the bank. This is an option that many users prefer because CashApp is one of the most accepted payment methods by online casinos.

So, even if your Google funds cannot be used directly for gambling, you can always use an intermediary to help you.

Payment alternatives to casinos

In case you do not want to use a third party to pay the casinos, either because of the time it may take for a transfer or the costs of bank fees, this is not the only option. Other payment methods are accepted by US-Friendly casinos without legal problems.

Apple Pay

Undoubtedly, Apple Pay is the natural alternative when using Google. The Apple Pay app is available as a payment method at some of the largest online casinos in the United States. So as is usually the case, Apple and Google differ about what may be best for the user.

Likewise, depending on the casino, you can opt for deposit bonuses if your payment arrives via Apple Pay. Depending on your casino, these deposit bonuses can be up to $500.

Classic payment methods

The classics are never forgotten; payment by debit or credit cards, checks, or visa gift cards are options that all casinos accept. With this, you can make a direct payment without anyone intervening.

Likewise, withdrawals will depend on the policies of each casino and how they work with your payment method. This is considering that not all casinos allow withdrawals through credit cards.

Everything will depend on how much you want your bank details to be represented in the casino. Your chosen method is up to you and what you want to do.