How much is the Google Marketing pay salary?

Undoubtedly, it is a dream for marketing workers to get to work with Google in their field of marketing. The internet giant is one of the best-performing marketing companies with a team of thousands of associates.

But every dream has a wall and in the case of a job, it is, of course, the pay. So if you are here wondering how much they pay in Google Marketing team to their workers. Don’t worry, below, we’ll tell you a little summary we’ve prepared.

Average pay

On average, a Google Marketing worker in the United States receives an annual salary of about $78,644. This is equivalent to $1,510 per day or $6,545 per week. In other words, a Google Marketing worker will be paid an average of $37.10 per hour worked.

But as we have said, this is an average considering all Google Marketing workers. So each salary will depend on the job position and what it entails.

Also, as Google is such a big company with so many workers, the payments will depend on the country where you are. A Google worker in the UK does not have the same salary as a Google worker in the US.

Payments by department and position

In Google’s marketing team, the payments are divided according to the department where you work. So there is no base salary as such, but rather it depends on your functions within the company and what you are asked to do. Each position will have higher or lower pay than the other.

Google is looking for its marketing team to be filled with creative people, from its statisticians to the creative team. So it is constantly promoting creativity and driving innovation within the team.

In the same way, it embraces its Google Careers program, where it encourages young talent to learn and get a career with Google. This company is always looking for new talents that come out to surprise. So we have put together a list of the most important positions and what they charge.

Marketing Team

On average, an associate on Google’s Marketing team receives a base salary of about $80,500 per year, with a performance bonus of about $13,650. Similarly, a marketing manager earns an average base salary of $119,182 per year, with a bonus of $23,876.

In both cases the salaries are above the average they would earn in the same position at another marketing company in the United States. It should be noted that Google is a company known for paying better than other companies.

Market Analyst

A market analyst at Google on average has a base salary of $100,600 with $22,136 as a performance bonus. In this case, the exact salary will depend on the analyst’s role. As their salary can range from $67,500 to $160,000 with annual bonuses included.

Creative team

A creative designer at Google has an average base salary of $100,000 per year. A total of 15,000 more than what is usually earned per year on average in this position in the United States. As we said, Google pays for creativity.

On the other hand, a creative director at Google has a base annual salary of $250,000 with bonuses going up to $85,000 depending on performance. Earning $194,241 more than what the position makes on average outside of Google.

Sales Engineer

On average, a Google sales engineer can earn between $150,000 and $227,500 a year, with the inclusion of performance bonuses. This will depend on their position and how heavy their workload is within the sales team.


The average copywriter at Google receives an estimated salary of $101,698 with up to $8,000 in service bonuses. A Google copywriter’s salary can range from $85,000 to $140,000. This is up to $40,000 more than what you can earn in this position at another company in the United States.

Data Scientist

In the case of data scientists or strategic environment analysts, they earn an average salary of $139,650 with bonuses of up to $29,417. Although these salaries are very dependent on the situation as such and can range from $120,000 to $280,000.

Google, a company that pays its marketing team well

As you can see, in almost all positions Google honors its status in the market and pays better than what is usually earned on average in the positions. This is to promote the best possible work and encourage the best from its employees.

Being an employee of a company like Google is not easy, so these salaries are deserved for the high quality of its workers.