Assessment centre: what are psychometric tests?

Psychometric tests are being increasingly used by graduate recruiters to filter their selection process down at any given stage in the recruitment process, and you’ll almost certainly have done one before at some stage in your life, although they take many shapes and forms.

A lot of the time you will have already completed psychometric tests by the time you get to an assessment centre, but some companies make them an early part of the assessment centre exercises, so it’s worth considering that you may have to undertake them at this point in the process.

The good news about psychometrics is that practice, while not making perfect, definitely can improve your scores over time and there’s plenty out there to practice on. The tests are very standard and are designed to test basic skills and filter candidates impersonally, in order that only the top standard are left at the later parts of the recruitment process.

Employers utilise these tests because they allow them to look at all their candidates on a standardised field, and can easily compare one candidate to another in terms of numerical skill, critical thinking and verbal and non-verbal reasoning. This means that it is easier to spot the candidates who are outstanding and remove those who do not meet the criteria from the process.