Business School Scholarships

Although the pool of business school scholarships available for undergraduate study is thin compared to those on offer for graduate study and MBAs, there’s plenty of funding available for high-achieving students of all backgrounds. Here’s a selection of the kind of thing on offer…

The majority of business school scholarships require academic success and potential promise to be eligible for an award – most are open to candidates who achieve exceptional grades at A-level. Cass Business School at City of London University, for example, offers scholarships of £2,000 per year to prospective undergrads who achieve AAA and above.

Manchester University’s Business School offers the same amount of funding for five undergraduate students. In addition to academic excellence, the application criteria includes a written application detailing a commitment to social causes and community service such as volunteering and involvement in ethical issues.

Among the smaller awards available, Henley Business School at Reading University provides exceptional candidates with a scholarship of £2,000 spread over a three course in any of the business school’s undergraduate programmes.

Norwich Business School at the University of East Anglia offers scholarships up with the value of £500 for each A grade achieved at A. There’s a maximum award of £1,500 for achieving three A’s (awarded as a lump sum in the first year of study) at all undergraduate degrees within the business school are eligible.

LCA Business School in London has scholarships available on entry worth £1,000 for candidates with AAA or equivalent at A Level. On top of the offerings for first years, LCA also provides scholarships worth £2,000 each for continuing students achieving the highest marks in the cohorts for each year respectively.

Finally, the London School of Economics offers a small number of scholarships for its special one-year general course, known as the John C Phelan General Course Scholarship. The scholarship provides four students from around the world with funding up to £15,000, awarded primarily on the basis of financial need and academic distinction.

The sums awarded can be used for an array of different purposes. The scholarship amount could be used to help out with the various living costs encountered at university, or perhaps be put towards purchasing specific equipment such as books or new laptop.