Choosing a University for a Future Finance Career

Choosing which university to go to is a toughy to say the least – and that’s before you even start to consider which universities finance recruiters may prefer to hire from.

‘Target’ universities…

There have been some reports to suggest that in the past few years investment banks in particular have focused their graduate recruitment campaigns on a select few universities – predominantly the UK’s top ranking universities. In some instances it is the case that the university you attend may have an impact on your chances of success.

In the very first stages of the filtering process in graduate recruitment in areas like investment banking and professional services such as with the Big Four, firms the university you attended will form part of your CV ranking, which could determine whether you can pass through the pearly gates into the next round.

This means that graduates from Oxbridge and Russell Group universities may well stand a better chance of getting in. And bear this in mind when you choose the universities you want to apply to.

Choose the right course & right university for you…

It’s worth remembering that not all candidates from these target universities will be successful! And it’s still really important that you feel happy at the university you go to. Choosing the right location and the right course for you with opportunities to get involved with cool activities and work experience is vital for you on a personal level – and professionally! When you stick on that mortarboard after three or four year you need to be able to flex more than a first class degree.

It’s not just about your academics…

If you have a top class degree in a relevant subject teamed with plenty of experience such as internships, part-time jobs and insight day action, you could well still compete and be up there in the competition for the best graduate jobs in finance. By making the most of internship opportunities and developing your commercial awareness you should still be able to make your way in the financial world.

According to High Fliers research, City investment bank vacancies are expected to grow in 2014 – so now’s the time to build up your CV as much as possible to catch their eyes!

There are plenty of varied and dynamic positions in finance if you find it is proving difficult for you to get past the initial recruitment stages. Check out the industry breakdowns to find out more about opportunities you might not have thought about yet!